PS4 Exclusive Deep Down Gets New and Beautiful 1080p Screenshots; New Update Promised for June

Capcom released today two brand new screenshot of the PS4 exclusive Deep Down, that you can see above and below. A further update on development was also promised for June, while the beta testing (in Japan) is currently scheduled for the summer.

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sinncross1507d ago

Would be great if it shows up and they confirm a release for the 2nd half of 2014 worldwide.

I played this at TGS last year. It was quite fun.

redwin1507d ago

Is the game on rails? I want to have the choice to move my character how I see fit, or move to the next stage when I want. I don't like crimpson dragon because if these. How's the game play, can you talk about it ?

Giul_Xainx1506d ago

I still want this game. Already have 100 saved for it.

Reverent1506d ago

@redwin, okay, what could possibly have made you think this game was ever on rails? Have you not seen any video of it being played ever?

BX811506d ago


Cut the guy some slack. Not everyone frequents gaming sites all the time. He asked a legit question, maybe you could prove helpful instead of to helpful.

No it's not on rails. You should check out some gameplay videos. Last I checked it was on a free to play model. Take that how ever you see fit.

redwin1506d ago

Rally ? It's because of the videos that I ask the question . Remember dragons lair? That's on rails. It looked beautiful but not quite free to roam like Onimusha. I know the game is filled with micro transactions like if you want to upgrade your armor and not just for esthetic purposes but for actual upgrades. But it is still possible to finish the game with the original armor. Yes, I've seen the video but they have not mention the mechanic. Is it like resident evil ? Or is it like gears if war? Or is it like dragon's lair or is it like full spectrum soldier . That's my question! I already know the game looks amazing .

redwin1506d ago

From what I see in the videos is like the game play is timed and not a button smasher like God of War but more like resident evil meets phantom dust. And some one here claimed to have played it, I'm asking for clarification. Btw, I meant to write dragon's layer, earlyer.

dontbhatin1506d ago (Edited 1506d ago )

@ redwin, No it is not on rails. Its more linear than anything but the maps are procedurally generated. Meaning the maps are different every time you play it. And you can play with people as well.

I dont quite understand what you mean by the game being "timed" but im sure you can play at your own pace...

fenome1506d ago


Here are a couple of videos that should let you get an idea of the gameplay :D

The first one is just someone dungeon crawling:

This one shows off some co-op gameplay, it's especially worth checking out at the 2 minute mark because it shows off an amazing time-stop spell that totally freezes everything including fire, your teammates and particle effects:

They've only really showed off the combat with the spear so far, but they've shown that there is also a sword and shield combo, they just haven't shown it off first-hand yet (at least to my knowledge). I'm keeping my fingers crossed for dual-wielding as well :p

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Derekvinyard131507d ago

Every time I think of F2P games I think of this vid

modesign1507d ago

you could also play for a million hours building experience to get left arms, m16, and the

ShinnokDrako1507d ago

I've played lot of F2P, if the company is a good one, you get great experiences anyway. For example, Aion and Rift are both F2P, you have all the things you had when they were with monthly fees. You get updates and expansions too.
Then, if you want extra things, you pay (but the extras are extras).
Well, i don't know about Capcom tho...

sweendog1506d ago

Build a town hall. You have 3 options.
1 Wait 9 Hours
2 Buy 100 doughnuts for half your weekly income
3 Download the hacked torrent game, build the whole town in 30 minutes then realize it isn't actually a game its a robbing piece of garbage

pornflakes1507d ago

E3 for what?? For a free to play game which will be available only in Japan??

NovusTerminus1507d ago (Edited 1507d ago )

Never said to be exclusive to Japan, they said they where unsure about western releases.

And what does F2P have to do with anything?

Here is the fact, game got allot of buzz, Capcom is on the ropes, Sony always wants more games and it's the first title to use Capcom's new engine.

So yeah, E3.

imt5581507d ago

You can made jap. acc on PS4, dude.

ExtoVert1507d ago

Hey if u ever watched any of the live gameplay u would hear the games dialog and text are in English

Abriael1507d ago

@pornflakes: and that's where you're incorrect. Capcom already trademarked the game both in USA and in Europe, and already has the .com domain.

Everything points to the possibility of a localization coming down the line.

caseh1507d ago

Registering trademarks and the domain is common practice these days, like acquiring patents then never actually doing anything with them. As long as you own them, no one else can.

I think you may be right about it being localised but honetsly, the West won't see it until 2015 at the earliest. I've been shot down numerous times for saying this but every update pushes it back further making 2015 more realistic.

theDivision1507d ago

Is this one of your favorite upcoming games? you seem to have every detail about it. Not complain just wondering. (I'm also really hyped for it)

Magicite1507d ago

Ive a feeling that ''PS4 has no games'' soon will turn into ''PS4 has way too many games, my wallet is bleeding''.

Drekken1507d ago

The PS4 has a bunch of games. I have no idea what people are talking about. Certain games get neglected because I am so hooked on playing others.

If you compare the two console's lists of available games one has more than the other and that is the PS4. So its funny to think, if the PS4 has no games... what does that say about the other?

redwin1507d ago

@drekken, do you have both systems ?

Drekken1506d ago

I barely have time to play the games I own on PS4/PC. No need for any other systems.

Does this invalidate my fact stating that the PS4 has more games than the Xbox One? Please don't make me break out a game list.

N4Flamers1506d ago

People usually say that because they want fresh experiences on new hardware. Right now the only next gen feeling games are killzone and infamous. Ps+ is also lacking on ps4. All I've gotten are indy games.
People should really be a little more patient because next gen games will be coming to both systems. Right now the xbone looks like it has more games because it launched with newer games, even though thats not technically the case.

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randomass1711506d ago

Indeed. E3 is just around the corner. Can't wait to see it all!

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GribbleGrunger1507d ago

I think this game looks great but the randomised dungeons put me right off ... as does the FTP. I'm willing to be proven wrong.

MightyNoX1507d ago

The randomized dungeon adds to the replay value - IF they do it right - If you like rogue dungeon crawlers, I'm sure you'll enjoy this too.

Rodney251507d ago

Say that to Daylight with it's randomized rooms. Yeah I know Daylight is an indie game and Capcom is a AAA developer, it's a joke.

BallsEye1507d ago

randomized dungeon means you will keep on seeing the same rooms all over again just in different order. Something we've seen in TES: Oblivion. Skyrim went for handcrafted dungeons and that's why every each of them felt unique.

MightyNoX1506d ago

@Rodney: "yes I know Daylight is indie and Capcom is an AAA Dev." - thanks for destroying your own point by your own logic. Now why can't everyone be this nice and trip over themselves for me.

@Ballseye: Skyrim and Oblivion translated to caves leading to one boss fight. This is a bunch of rooms with randomized traps. FTL, ZHP and even azure Dreams proved that randomized dungeons CAN be fun.

Charybdis1507d ago (Edited 1507d ago )

Looks good, hoping to see some more diverse environments than standard dungeon environment. Loved how the use of magic looked in the game.

GribbleGrunger1507d ago (Edited 1507d ago )

Now there is the problem I have with this game and the reason 'randomly generated' is something I worry about. I don't think there ARE any other environments. Surely they would have shown some if they were ... and how would they prevent to left/right/straight up syndrome that dogs most randomised locations? I think it's going to end up being boring to be honest.

randomass1711506d ago

To be fair, Left 4 Dead and Binding of Isaac randomizes everything and those games are super replayable.

WeAreLegion1507d ago

I don't think these screenshots do the game justice, even if they are straight from the developer.

Abriael1507d ago (Edited 1507d ago )

Actually they show the rock texture very well. Both screenshots focus on the rocky surface that takes most of the screen, so I can only imagine that that's what they actually wanted to show.

And at least they'll kill the silly rumor "they're not releasing pics in 1080p, so the game must be under that"

Clown_Syndr0me1507d ago

Yeah cause everyone gets hyped for games because of their rock textures...
No I actually agree with you, just think its funny that's what the devs decide to show off these days.

Abriael1507d ago

Deelopers often like to show off their technical achievements, without knowing that people may want to see other things :D

Charybdis1507d ago (Edited 1507d ago )

They did not wake up and decide to show some rocks. They are showing the lighting and illumination effects on the armour and rocks. The game looks and will look fine 1080p or not.

JackOfAllBlades1506d ago

@clown I do, I love my games with amazing textures, after playing modded Skyrim. Vanilla skyrim looks like garbage. On topic I really want to try this game out

randomass1711506d ago

Pfft, screens are never a good way to suggest what the final game's performance will be. People like to judge things way too soon.

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Inception1507d ago

Oh man, looking at this screenshots made me can't wait for Project Beast >.<

SuperYakuzaFan1507d ago

Same studio different engine.

Inception1507d ago

- Project Beast = Sony x From Soft and there's still no info about the engine they use. But if looking at Project Beast screenshot that really similar to Demon's Souls, i assume they used modified Havok & Phyre engine

- Deep Down = Sony x Capcom using Panta Rhei engine, new engine built up from ground

So yeah, different studio and different engine.

JackOfAllBlades1506d ago

Same studio? *double facepalm*

MightyNoX1507d ago

Seems like a step-up from the gameplay videos shown at TGS. Hope to see this at E3.