Nintendo Online Store: Wii U Deluxe Set For $200

On April 30th, Nintendo News reported that the Nintendo Online Store temporarily closed its doors until May 9th due to a scheduled systems upgrade. Today, the Nintendo Online Store has flung open their shiny new virtual doors, offering a slew of irresistible deals.

One of those hard-to-pass-up deals is an Authentic Nintendo Refurbished Wii U Deluxe Set for only $200.00, which includes free shipping.

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stragomccloud1535d ago

That is one heck of a deal!

deafdani1535d ago

It is, but haters will still complain that they want a Wii U with 3 games, 2 controllers and a blowjob machine for $50.

Chrischi19881535d ago

Funny, isnt it? Haters really dont have any sense for reality anymore...

AGaryColemanClone1535d ago (Edited 1535d ago )

It isn't new. They are selling used Wii U's:

"Authentic Nintendo Refurbished"


I guess I'm a 'hater'...

mikeslemonade1535d ago

Or reality is the WiiU will last only one more year. The cheaper it is the less time the WiiU is viable.

UltimateMaster1535d ago

I think the Mario Kart 8 bundle is better.
Probably should have waited on my purchase.

InTheLab1535d ago

The option to buy a second gamepad would be nice. Is it possible to play every game with the classic pro controller?

stragomccloud1535d ago

Most games can be played with the pro controller. Though, it's kind of a waste most of the time since the gamepad is so great.

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truechainz1535d ago

I will assume the people who were saying wii u needs a price drop are not here because they are shopping on the Nintendo online store.

TheUndertaker851535d ago

Yes, because everyone wants to buy a refurbished product instead of a brand new one

Or if that's not enough

Because buying a previously broken system that had problems is just as safe as buying the brand new product that comes with the full warranty rather than a partial

One-Shot1535d ago

Not sure if you were trying to be sarcastic, but if you were that was WAY too long a comment for that.

bluegoblin1535d ago

I was waiting for zelda wii u announcement to buy one but this is tempting...

One-Shot1535d ago

This is very tempting. I am hoping this isn't temporary since I really would like to see what they have for E3 first.

HyperBear1535d ago

Wow! This is very tempting. I was going to wait for the Mario Kart Bundle on May 27th, but I may just have to splurge and get this and save myself some money. Here in Canada, that Mario Kart 8 Bundle will be retailing for $349.99, which after my provinces taxes, equals out to be $391.99. If I get this refurbished Wii U and then get Mario Kart 8, the Mario Wii RemotePlus and the Mario Wii Wheel, the total only comes to $330.17 saving me around $60.

Hmmm....Very Interesting!

avidgamer11535d ago

U also get nintendo land with this deal. Mk bundle does not have it.

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