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Entertainment Buddha's Matt Heywood writes, "We will post our final review next week, but for more impressions and to see the game in action on the PS4, check out the SHAREfactory video out above. The game looks average graphically, but won’t blow your mind on the PS4. I can definitely say though that Bound by Flame is a solid RPG from a small studio for big platforms, and at $49.99 it’s a reasonable value that will offer upwards of 30 hours of gameplay."

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GribbleGrunger1534d ago

Sharefacory is so damned useful. I can see more people using it to create content for Youtube.

On topic ... Not sure about this game.

GuruMeditation1534d ago

I wasn't too sure either; I think it's going to be a pretty divisive title. Having given it a few hours myself now, I can definitely state that it's an acquired taste, but one I'm just starting to really appreciate and enjoy. Lip sync and hammy dialogue put me off at first, but there's a diamond of a game underneath once you've waded through for just over an hour.

ThanatosDMC1534d ago

Not sure about this game either. There's a guy that's been streaming the game since last week and the gameplay seems boring and repetitive.

morganfell1534d ago (Edited 1534d ago )

If you buy it and get past the first hour, you are going to wind up like me. I have been up all night. The game doesn't show its colors in the first hour because choice does not have an impact and mechanics are not differentiating the styles. But if you get past that point you will really find yourself enjoying some very tactical and fulfilling combat as the game comes into its own. Small chopices start to matter a lot.

GribbleGrunger1534d ago

My main incentive for playing most games is exploration ... so, what are the environments like? Are they fun and complex enough to explore?

Somebody1534d ago

Sounds like the dev's first game, Mars War Logs. Initially it was kinda disappointing but after a while it actually got better. It's still an acquired taste but it was one of the few games last year that I've played from start to finish non-stop. It took me years to finish the technically better Darksiders(bought it upon launch, finished it just before the sequel got out but now the new one shared the fate, too) but I seem to be unable to drop Mars War Logs.

I'm currently downloading Bound By Fire so I couldn't give any impressions on it.

morganfell1533d ago (Edited 1533d ago )

I wouldn't say they are complex. But then again this is not a sandbox game. The devs made a point that this is a story adventure. There is light character customization at the beginning with preset Male/Female/Faces/Hairstyle choices. Once that is done it is about the story. It is very linear until after the first boss battle.

The environments sometimes look utilitarian - they get the job done - and then at other times they will surprise you. I also went through the section in the vid below and I kept thinking about some of the old Frazetta paintings.

There are side quests that do require exploration but as one reviewer said they are not useless quests for someone that gives me 5 gold pieces and I never see them again.

One of the things I like about the game is you unlock higher skills for some things by doing those very things. Want to craft a better crossbow? Kill 15 enemies with the standard crossbow. Crafting is also about choice since items have multiple uses for different upgrades. You can also combine elements to make items you need but again, it is giving up something to get something.

A guy I work with did this video. At first he wasn't into the game that much and then it just came together after an hour and like me he said he was up all night. He said there was no editing, he cut this straight from his PS4 and dumped it to youtube. It's from the early swamp phase:

One reviewer said he did most of the quests and spent about 25 hours. I have to explore everything and try everything and it took me over 10 hours until I felt I had cleared everything in just the swamps. And the game does track your time so you know how long you gamed it.

Also look at this other review:

rivencleft1533d ago

A lot of reviews are mixed on this game, lowest score I've seen so far being Kevin VanOrd (GameSpot) giving a 4/10, but I've also seen reviews with 8/10 (GameInformer and others) so I guess the saying comes in to play, don't knock it til you try it, I'm definitely going to pick it up as it looks like it could be a really fun game, as long as you're not expecting Dark Souls, Dragon Age, etc.