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GameSpot - Bound By Flame Video Review

Down in flames.

Kevin VanOrd: When you first start playing Bound by Flame, you're asked to enter a name for your character--a name that is then summarily ignored by the game's supporting cast, which always refers to your hero by his or her known name: Vulcan. Given Bound by Flame's shallow similarities to The Witcher, it's hard not to wonder what the latter game might have been like if you were asked to name the protagonist, only for everyone to call you Geralt anyway. This identity crisis may seem a minor detail, but it is a head-scratcher of an issue in a role-playing game full of head-scratchers, each one more stymieing than the last. Bound by Flame is the kind of game you might hear people describe as having "a lot of heart," and the game it tries to be is certainly one worth celebrating. Yet by the time this frustrating adventure comes to a close, it's clear that there's a wide gulf between the game you just played and the vision that inspired it. (Bound by Flame, PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360) 4/10

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ArchangelMike  +   197d ago
Shame, another disappointing RPG. This game is getting very mixed reviews. I guess I'll wait for Dragon Age 3 and Shadows of Mordor (although I'll be waiting for reviews before I get Shadows of Mordor).
TheRocksStrudle  +   197d ago
Random disagrees....anyway have you played the souls games yet? They can fill the void easily
ZodTheRipper  +   197d ago
I rememember getting 20+ disagrees a few weeks ago when I called this a bad attempt at a "casual Souls game". Funny how it all came true.
starchild  +   197d ago

It didn't come true. This is just one guy's opinion. Lots of us, regular gamers and reviewers alike, think it is a good game and are enjoying it quite a lot.
thricetold  +   197d ago
Except the souls games play the exact same way combat wise. So it's ok to hit and strafe enemies over and over in the souls series, but now its a flaw for another similar game?

Bet if they had used some lame gimmick like the souls series with the same gameplay they would be praising it's "challenging" gameplay.
ZodTheRipper  +   196d ago
It's not about "challenging gameplay", it's about the complex combat system in Souls (Poise, Agility, Stamina, many different Animations, Combos, etc.) and the much better hit feedback / collision detection that makes it much more interesting and rewarding than here. Combat is the center of these games and it seems like one is fun, the other not so much. And this review also mentions a lot of little flaws that are not present in the Souls series so I still stand by my statement.
showtimefolks  +   196d ago
playing it loving it, go of the review and you may miss a very good game. Look on youtube reviews and this game has gotten bunch of 8's and mid 7's

this is by no means a 4/10

and since this is a rpg expect some patches to come to fix some of the minor issues. overal i say this is easily a 7.5-8/10
DrJones  +   197d ago
It looked generic and turned out to be generic. No surprise.
starchild  +   197d ago
It's not generic. It has a lot of character, an interesting narrative, lots of cool monster designs, a great combat system and a nice visual style.
MeteorPanda  +   197d ago
that name thing..dude, that's the same thing with mass effect?!?

My Shepard was called assface...

I'm pretty disappointed in this review, Indie games are given scores different to triple A games however the middle games are treated like triple A's and that's sort of wrong. they put as much heart into it as indies put into theirs and yet it's given a 4/10? The games lighting is beautiful, the gameplay, ignoring the slightly off animations is actually quite fulfilling.

the comment made by Damazig reflects my thoughts about this review completly. It's in the comments if you scroll down.
AKissFromDaddy  +   197d ago

Personally, I dislike with great intensity whenever Kevin VanOrd reviews games because he's the pickest reviewer on staff at GS. He's the exact opposite of me.

I'm not picky. A game has to truly be horrible more than 50% of the time for me to dismiss it. Nonetheless, Kevin is giving his opinion on his value system. As long as you can separate where you disagree or agree with him, then placing your own score is even easier.

However, I always give video reviews some leeway because the flaws are visually demonstrated. So, Bound By Flame seems Bound By Budget. I know Spiders Studios doesn't have Bioware's, Bungie's, or even FromSoftware's budget, and that's the difference when publishing with Focus Home Interactive vs. a bigger publisher. Great games are expensive when broken down cost by cost.

I understand your notion, nonetheless.
MeteorPanda  +   197d ago
yeah, like...if l can play the game and not wince and turn it off, that should be a pass right? the reviews for this game sound so pretentious, reviewing it for things out of the company's control. They are lacking in raw talent in some areas and they probably couldn't spend heaps on professional voice actors/tresses...however...was that worth giving it a f'ing 4? damage them in reviews so the company struggles to make a profit and make a sequel where they learn from the first game?

it plays well from what l'm seeing on twitch, when l get the cash l'm supporting this game..
fOrlOnhOpe57  +   197d ago
So far for me, it hasn't caught fire. It really confirms how good the combat and menus were in Kingdoms of Amalur imho.
Well, lets see if I can get a bonfire going under this.
kewlkat007  +   197d ago
Guys play the game then judge it...
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kingdom18  +   197d ago
If it came with a demo I'd be more than happy to. Really want to like this game, but lots of mixed reviews.
Jubez187  +   197d ago
Really what I'm seeing here as far as the different reviews go is how well the reviewer handled the difficulty. If the game was too hard for you, or you sucked at it (see GameInformers Ni No Kuni review) then I can see you getting frustrated and wanting to rip it to shreds.

Either the praisers played on a difficulty that was low, or they were actually good at the game. And the haters played on too high, or weren't overall that good.
Predaking77  +   197d ago
Go to Playstation Live, watch the game and decide for yourself.

The experience of one reviewer doesn't mean you will have the same one.
osborn2009  +   197d ago
Agreed. My review is much more positive. it was a great game. http://n4g.com/news/1505405...
viper1437  +   197d ago
Best review I have seen so far .. from a gamer that appreciates not always having to grind through a RPG .. good job :)
Predaking77  +   195d ago
Nice job
osborn2009  +   197d ago
Totally disagree with GameSpot. Ugh.
rivencleft  +   197d ago
I've read and seen enough about this game to know that I'm still highly interested for what it is and will be supporting the devs for it, so not interested in reading any of Kevin VanOrd's review about this game, most of the people I've heard from that has already played the game has nothing but good things to say about it, not saying it's great, but it's good for what it is and that's what matters to me. Even if a game is usually sucky as long as it can keep my interest then I will finish it without bias, there have been so many games where I've popped them in, played for about 3-5 hours and just cannot get into it, unfortunately Castlevania Lords of Shadow 2 was one of those, played it for around 6 hours then it just hit me, wow this is boring me, but I don't believe I will feel the same way about this one, and I really hope Spiders gets enough support from people to master their art and create an ever greater game for either part 2 or whole new IP.
viper1437  +   197d ago
I stopped reading Gamespot reviews years ago ... bunch of pompous asses that think that if it is not done by a big name publisher it's garbage ,, well I'm nobody but I have almost 20 hours into this game on PS4 and I am really enjoying it... it's not trying to reinvent the wheel for RPG's but it is a really good game and these douches aren't even giving it a chance.Once you figure out the crafting and how it helps with combat it is a really satisfying lay over until Lords of the fallen and Dragon Age come out ..my 2 cents
osborn2009  +   197d ago
Go check out my review for it: http://middleofnowheregamin...
starchild  +   197d ago
Your review was better.

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