Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster Review | Set In Stone

A must have for any Final Fantasy/ RPG fan. If you’re new to Final Fantasy or RPGs in general, these games are a good place to start as they have enough content and originality to do the genre justice.

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tazmeah1534d ago

Please consider changing the CSS on your review. Grey text on a black background is difficult (for me) to read. I saw another of the pages on the website has white text on black background. Although black text on a white background is my first choice, white text on black background is at least easier to read than grey text on black.

I can't comment on your review because I didn't read it. I stopped as soon as I realized it was too difficult to read.

beakeroo11534d ago

Personally I hated the upgrade system in X. It was needlessly overly complicated.