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Hardcore Gamer: "In an age where role playing games cost well into the seven figures to develop and reach millions of homes worldwide, our bar of quality has risen quite a bit. French developer Spiders is looking to take on the challenge, creating smaller scale RPG that’s steaming with potential. Travel across a creative land filled with swordplay, witches, betrayal, the undead, and everything you’ve come to expect from the fantasy name. Bound by Flame looks to make its mark in the world by touting an offering that sizable for any fan of the genre."

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ChaosKnight1350d ago

There was a surprising following behind this game. Sad it turned out this way.

showtimefolks1350d ago

check out the game don't go off the review

ChaosKnight1350d ago

I mean, it looks alright but it's pretty polarizing right now with some really loving it and some hating it. Most likely people will have to make up their own minds.

showtimefolks1349d ago


to be honest those type of games are the best ones. when options are split its time to play and make up your own mind

joab7771350d ago

Yeah...its the...I dont play sports, mmo's or fps games so I have little to play club.

Thats who was waiting for this game. It has the benefit of being an early next gen title. That will sell a few copies in itself.

I guess it wasn't another dark souls. It will have a following though b/c of the type of game and lack of direct competition. At least there is the crafting.

LAWSON721350d ago

Do not compare this to DkS.

Tempest3171350d ago

Honestly the only really negative things I have to say about the game are about the massive fluctuations in framerate (goes from 60 to sub 30 near instantly) and sometimes sketchy hit detection. Both of those are problems I can live with. The skill/feat trees are solid, I enjoy the combat (it can be challenging for sure), the story is nothing great but thats not gamebreaking. Im only a few hours in, but so far id give it 7/10 personally.

Palitera1350d ago

It is the Flapping Bird of RPGs. Of course it is hard, enemies don't feel any of your hits. It is hard because it is bad. Simple like that.

Tempest3171350d ago

Not quite. Its hard because you dont deal a lot of damage and enemies have a lot of health. Unless youre using abilities with high interrupt your attacks dont really stop them from attacking you. I said MINOR hit detection issue, as in every once in a while certain attacks dont hit, not a lpt and thats not the reason the game is hard. So no its not quite "simple as that". From the sounds of it youre basing that statement on reviews, not experience. Its not nearly as broken as most reviewers are making ut sound.

thricetold1350d ago (Edited 1350d ago )


DS combat gets a pass? The enemies are a bit more reactive in the souls games yes, but lets not pretend like the souls games dont have cheap combat elements as well. Sorry to tarnish you guys worthless achievement, but please just stop.

Tired of people using the souls games as some standard to boast and berate other similar games. Same thing happened to dragon's dogma and KoA. Two good games berated by soul fanatics

ValKilmer1350d ago

2/5!? But but but, this is the next Dark Souls!

nerdman671350d ago

Youre thinking of Lords of the Fallen.

fenome1350d ago

Can't wait to see more on that game, as well as DA: Inquisition, Destiny, and Witcher 3.

Either way though, I'm gonna be playing this game tomorrow in the meantime :p

kevinsheeks1350d ago

thankk youu i was wondering was this it kind of made me sad to see it getting bad reviews but its lords of the fallen

joab7771350d ago

Actually I think both hav had their difficulty likened to dark souls.

showtimefolks1350d ago


sorry about the caps

aimforthehead1350d ago (Edited 1350d ago )

I had a feeling the game wasn't going to do well. Let's see if it gets good reviews elsewhere.

fenome1350d ago (Edited 1350d ago )

people still go by reviews instead of consensus? lmao. People you know are playing and streaming this game right now, they can say the same thing as this person or the opposite. Do you know this person personally? Do they have the same play preference or playstyle as you?

It's time to make game journalists earn those back-stage passes to conferences and early games for free. Actual interviews or true releases are the only thing I trust nowadays with 'Gaming News' in any way, shape, or form (half the time nowadays you can't even trust an interview either, it's all mass marketing). Everybody has mouths as well as a$$holes and they sh!t out of them both the same way...

I'm not bashing this review in particular, I'm just talking game journalism in general.. Nobody ever gets 'The Scoop' anymore (unless they're eating Doritos, lmao, I kid, kind of..). It's like they're afraid to get blacklisted or something. They'd rather either give them false praises or talk sh!t behind their back. In my mind 'Insiders' don't count either, because that's as tabloid as it gets..


I'm just waitin' for E3 and Friday when I actually get to try this game for myself :p

ValKilmer1350d ago

Yeah! Let's trust random streamers on Twitch over professional critics!

showtimefolks1350d ago

if we only buying games based off reviews than some of the better experiences of my gaming life wouldn't have happened

Alpha Protocol the biggest example
Yakuza 4 and dead souls
among many

i always trust a gamers opinion more than a gaming journalists who might have been paid or his soite paid a lot of advertisement money

fenome1350d ago (Edited 1350d ago )

At least you get to see them play the game in real time and not have them cut out little bits they want to praise or criticize based on headlines or personal preference.

Just because they write for a website doesn't mean that they're 'Professional'. When it comes down to it they're just as professional as any of us are, they just happen to write on a site.

There are always exceptions to the rule, but no matter what game comes out I can pretty much dig out 3/10-9/10 reviews. You gotta read between the lines..

In the end though, 'User Reviews' always trump 'Critic Reviews' in my mind, no matter what it is.

stavrami-mk21350d ago (Edited 1350d ago )

no such thing as a professional review everyone has an opinion to like or dislike a game.the best way to know what a game is like is by your own opinions either play it or watch gameplay. I personally can watch 1 min of any gameplay and know exactly if I will like it or not .being a rpg head I look at this and automatically I know it's a pile of shit defo not for me.

thricetold1350d ago


Yes, why would you trust your own eyes, experience when you can just go off of a "professional" review.

What are you 12? Or a sheep that follows the "in" crowd? Stop letting someone else tell you what is good or bad and at least rent the game to find out for yourself, shouldn't be that hard to make up your own mind.

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rocketpanda1350d ago

I depends on the reviewer. When a reviewer takes the time to actually discuss what is good and bad about the gaming they are reviewing, then I will make my own informed choice based on what they said and the breakdown on game mechanics, what works and doesn't ,etc...

I have played games where the scores have been high and felt slightly dissapointed, whereas there were times where mediocre scored games would offer me more fun.

Reviews help as a guide. I don't think many logical and sane gamers just go out and buy a game just because X reviewer said so. Personally I prefer TB's critics on his WTF is videos, rather than just score a game he breaks down all the aspects, what works, what doesn't, what needs to improved and more importantly worth your time.

Dustinf111350d ago

Wrong, this game is actually really good. Awesome combat.

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