Tomodachi Life: Nintendo’s Bug Hunt Drove to Apparent Bigotry

After a recent removal of the "gay" bug in Tomodachi Life, scrutiny surrounds Nintendo's decision. Though, let's view this from another perspective.

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kalkano1353d ago

"After a recent removal of the "gay" bug in Tomodachi Life, Nintendo has received a ton of justified flack."

Not justified in any way.

JohnathanACE1353d ago

Perhaps the idiots complaining should maybe go help gay people in other countries who are being executed for being gay instead of complaining about a video game.

thehobbyist1352d ago

But that would actually make a difference.

voodoochild3461352d ago

No ons is missing the point. Sad people such as yourself do nothing but complain about things on the internet. What's funny is that in your quest for tolerance, you've exposed yourself as the same intolerant person you claim to hate.

23Breach1352d ago

Thank you for your important input

23Breach1351d ago

Pseudo intellectual retort at its finest