Let's Play - Powerstar Golf Part 1

Geoff, Michael, Ray, and Ryan begin their golfing journey in Let's Play - Powerstar Golf Part 1

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GusBricker1353d ago

One of my favorite Xbox One games.

Can't wait for the release of the free DLC course, Coyote Canyon.

Aussiebeachbabe1353d ago

Yes.I found this game to be rather good. Great to see new ideas put in a golf game. Love the individual tricks that each character can use.

n4rc1353d ago

Funny.. I can't stand the game

Sunk hundreds of hours into tiger or hot shots.. But this game feels way too random

Wind, elevation and anything but a perfect hit yeilds different results shot to shot..

Its like they started making a simple fun golf game that wouldn't depend so much on reading wind or the green.. Then made the courses so ridiculous they'd be unplayable IRL and didn't give you the tools to manage it..

Its like they couldnt decide between simple and easy or insanely hard and screwed up both..

My .02 on the game.. Take it for what it is lol