Mortal Kombat on Genesis: What Did the Critics Say in 1993?

When it came to Mortal Kombat, the critics were split on the Super NES port. They loved the graphics and gameplay, but hated the edited blood and gore. Then there's the Genesis version, which has the blood and gore, but isn't as good looking. Will the critics embrace the one on Sega's 16-bitter? We turn to GamePro, Electronic Gaming Monthly, Sega Force Mega, Die Hard Game Fan and other classic magazines for the answer.

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gano1531d ago

Not only did they mention the real classic mags,
but how real competition took place.

Not delay both for one to be better, but made for the respective system
to show their power. People chose both, its what made u have both systems.

Fuk the xtrash gen for fukin it up, balance is off wack.

vivid831531d ago

mooooortal kombaaaat !!!!!

Donnywho1531d ago

I hated my censored Super Nintendo version. Ripping someones head off in a video game was pretty much the best thing in the world when I was 11.

Neonridr1531d ago

Genesis fans defended their system for a good while because of MK1. As soon as MK2 came along and Nintendo allowed it to be uncensored, Sega fans just kind of lost their wind..

MasterD9191531d ago

Classic gaming at its's just a shame that I could never go back now that my eyes have been spoiled with 3d graphics.

Neonridr1531d ago

never played any of the newer indie games that are still 2D or even retro-based sprites? It's always nice to play some of these games as they take us back to when we first started.

My first days were to the point when you had to use your imagination to see a circle, lol. (Colecovision)

MasterD9191531d ago

Ha! Games have come a long way indeed...

I rarely get the opportunity to dive into a 2d game and I am quite unfamiliar with the newer, larger known titles. Any recommendations?

I tend to not use my phone for gaming, although I would if they would bring back classics like Bubble Bobble & Smash TV.

Neonridr1531d ago

I don't know what consoles you own. Child of Light is a great game, Unepic on Wii U is good. PS4 has a bunch of Indie games coming which look pretty good.

Coach_McGuirk1531d ago

this game was HOT when it came out

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