Hyper Dragonball Z Keeps Getting Better & Better - New Gameplay Video Unleashed

John of DSOGaming writes: "The dev team behind the mind-blowing Mugen DBZ game, Hyper Dragonball Z, has released a new video that is packed with a small FAQ and some new gameplay sequences, showing off Gohan’s combo system."

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AKissFromDaddy1535d ago

Awesome footage. If only the sprites could look like BlazBlue, in term of quality, this would be even better.

Yi-Long1535d ago

... too bad there doesn't seem to be Japanese audio.

AKissFromDaddy1535d ago

Agreed...but I can live w/o it.

randomass1711535d ago

Pfft, I prefer the Bruce Falconer music and Funimation actors any day.

Omar911535d ago

"will the game be coming to consoles/ kick starters"


*heart breaks and a flood of emotions forces Omar91 to shed tears* :'(

AKissFromDaddy1535d ago heart breaks too.

Qrphe1535d ago

It's fanmade, they're not licensed at all. This game be played in the vast majority of home computer toasters so it doesn't need to be on consoles.

TheRocksStrudle1535d ago

The great one agrees, well said.

randomass1711535d ago

Yeah, besides I don't think Namco would take too kindly to being one-upped by fan developers. :P

TheRocksStrudle1535d ago

This is running on the winmugen engine. go do some research there's literally thousands of coded fighters from all series' that you can use. very fun little hobby

cyclindk1535d ago

Ahhh, I was giving this "author" too much credit then. Still looks great, but I was under some impression that he/she had created everything from the ground up.

randomass1711535d ago

To be fair, it still looks like a lot of time and effort went into this version of mugen. Gotta give them credit for being so dedicated.

Studio-YaMi1535d ago (Edited 1535d ago )

Now these are the type of news I like and would appreciate much more from you dsogaming!)

A quick question! will the game support Windows 8 from the get-go?

DeeJayKeyz1535d ago

Could you just imagine the possibilities on PS4......OMG!!! Somebody get these guys some money and a dev I'm SO SERIOUS!!!

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