Sunset Overdrive – Looking to Have “near 100″ Active Enemies on Screen at Once

OnlySP: The Insomniac Twitter account continues to reveal some tidbits of information on Sunset Overdrive.

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XiSasukeUchiha1383d ago

Cool a 100 enemies at once!

randomass1711383d ago

Kinda makes you think of Dead Rising. I hope the guns have large clips so as to maintain game flow.

MasterD9191383d ago

Seems like Infamous or Protoype mixed with Dead Rising. I like that it has it's own identity and doesn't take itself too seriously.

I am actually really excited for this game, and wasn't planning on pre-ordering it, but I will pick it up on day 1.

Infinite_Legion1383d ago

actually they said theyre wouldnt be reloading because it messed with the pace of the gameplay and was just a nusense, little strange but makes sense.

Highlife1382d ago

Not always a good thing to have so many enemies. Don't like the fact that they are trying to reach a particular number. The enemies are gonna be so easy to beat. They will be mindless idiots. That is not fun.

PockyKing1383d ago

I'm very interested to know what kind of things the Cloud is doing for Sunset Overdrive. And with 100 active enemies on screen at once things are gonna get crazy.

mhunterjr1383d ago

I'm optimistic about it, and it sounds like insomniac is excited about the opportunity to talk about it in the future.

randomass1711383d ago

Insomniac is a pretty upstanding developer. I happen to really appreciate their work with Ratchet. I'm sure they've got some cool ideas for this game and the art style is quite good.

n4rc1382d ago

They talked about using the cloud to keep a persistent world going..

Dunno what their final plans are

lifeisgamesok1383d ago

This game sounds and looks like it'll be even better than I originally thought

Webbyy1383d ago

We all knew sunset overdrive would be good from the e3 trailer. looks like they keeping their stuff together. it looks good.

randomass1711383d ago

You mean now that we've seen it in action? Why yes, I agree completely. :D

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1383d ago
Neoninja1383d ago

Close to 100 enemies! Things are going to get chaotic in that game! All they need to do now is give a release date.

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The story is too old to be commented.