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Bound By Flame is the latest ambitious release from Spiders. Does it match up to the lofty amount of hype bestowed upon it? According to James Knack of n3rdabl3... not so much.

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Palitera1351d ago

And there I was, being disagreed at for saying the game would have 50-60 Metacritic average and thinking it was because of my low expectation.

Now I know, you were downvoting because I was too optimistic!


Prime1571351d ago

The next review (or first I saw as n4g puts newest posts first) lists this as a 9.

Rpgs, especially low budget rpgs, tend to have more problems than big budget rpgs.

I want to see what bound by flame averages, though. I will say I'm less inclined to take a review with "l33t sp34k" in it's brand as serious, sorry.

incendy351351d ago

Polygon ripped it pretty bad too. Not that bad, but pretty bad. Shame, I was looking for an RPG to get into.

morganfell1351d ago

Well I don't think much of Polygon. I have 4 hours in it so far and will be likely spending the rest of the night with it. It isn't a 9 or a 10 but it isn't the CoD of RPGs either.

CrashJones1351d ago

I agree morganfell.

I'm enjoying the story. The dialogue is funny at times. I'm also looking forward to seeing some areas/creatures.

I am enjoying it.

morganfell1351d ago (Edited 1351d ago )

Holy crap was I wrong about this game. It went from being an okay game to something far better than that.

I just entered the swamp for the second time. If you have been playing the game then you know what I mean. You travel through the first time then you re-enter on missions. The game has become a tactical dungeon crawler but it's outdoors. They really nailed the game play once your upgrades and crafting start to make a difference.

Omegasyde1351d ago

Polygon probably deducted 2 points just for it not releasing on the Xbox one.

Flutterby1350d ago

I have it on pc but I am yet to install it because I am too busy with the Diablo xpac at mo but from the looks of it I will be enjoying this game when I get around to it.

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khellendros11351d ago

I freakin love this game. I've put about 7-8 hours in so far. I don't know what they're talking about. If I had to give it a score I would give it a 7.5.

MadMax1351d ago

No doubt, it's awesome! This unheard of reviewer is on crack! Fantastic rpg with just the right amount of balance!

LiViNgLeGaCY1351d ago

I'm still on the fence about this one. I love my RPG's, be they Western OR Japanese.

LAWSON721351d ago (Edited 1351d ago )

I expect bad reviews, I hope I am wrong but odds are it is a pretty mediocre game. If it does turn out good I will get for cheap early next year for PS4 or maybe PC if there is a good sale. I wish they would have made Xbone version though (that is if it is good lol)

sevilha821351d ago

THis is complete bulls**T,i´ve been playing the game ,it is not a 1.5,the amont of desesrepect for the work of this studio and it´s people is unbelivable...

Just because it´s a not any famous franchise ,or hip brand.

Yes the game is far from the quality of many recent Rpg´s but it´s notorius that even thou it had a thight budget it was made with alot of love.

the story is cool,the voice acting is decent and funny,it´s very mature topic in it´s converstions,the crafting sistem is okay and the combat reminds me of the Witcher and it´s hard,brutally hard,nearlly old school hard,recentlly finishing Dark Souls 2(twice) going for NG++,i´ve had to admit it´s a challenge and entertaning.

So i´d give it a solid 7.

1.5 is just insulting to the people that love their work and must worked really hard to provied us with a acceptable qualitty product,at least this is my opinion.


morganfell1351d ago

I agree whole heartedly. Its funny when its meant to be funny. These are mercenaries and some of the ticked off comments are well laid down.

And you are spot on, it does remind one of The Witcher. Also the crafting system requires some thought and sacrifice due to the crossover of some items. Yeah you may get that sword upgrade now but you are going to wish you had crossbow bolts later. Very well done.

sevilha821351d ago

It´s like people don´t even try to enjoy gaming anymore...gaming is also accepting the flaws in the games,their part of the fun...

The dude just saw the bad and bashed the game because "he can".it´s the internet.

Glad to see that i´m not the only one that really enjoys gaming and that comes with enjoying the little titles as well...


thezeldadoth1351d ago

^ exactly. Some of my favorite or most memorable games weren't the perfect ones. People pass over memorable games now and only buy the AAA 90+ metacritic, and by doing so are missing out on some great experiences. Sometimes its the weird quirks that make a game magical after you accept it and play with it. So many AAA 90+ games are becoming formulaic and predictable.

Prime1571351d ago

Yeah, you can tell when a studio is passionate about their game vs being told what to do vs thinking they are just going to take in money no matter what they do.

I have yet to see spiders as doing either of the later two points in this.

Studio-YaMi1351d ago

Fully agreed,got it for PC,played it for about 5+ hours and I enjoy it even with the crappy lip syncing.

I too would give it a 7/10
some of the enemies(especially bosses) are well designed that even full AAA rpg titles don't come close to.

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