Bound by Flame Review: Flamebait - Laser Lemming

LL writes " if first impressions are everything, then Bound by Flame is one of the worst action RPGs I've played in a long time. The opening hour is dire; it’s also far from an accurate representation of the 29 hours that follow it."

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sdozzo1385d ago

The score is what we expected. No rpg on next gen.

L-DOT-_REAPER_1385d ago

it must be good it selling out at my gamestop im just saying

RedSoakedSponge1384d ago

just cos a game is selling out that means its good? LMAO

L-DOT-_REAPER_1384d ago

the people i talk to who have the game said its fairly decent game

RedSoakedSponge1384d ago

iv been on the fence with this game for a while so was waiting on reviews. turns out the review average is pretty damn low sadly :( i still want it but dont wanna waste my money on something i might be disappointed in.

Omegasyde1385d ago

Who ever designed this website ( needs to take a design class in html.

All I saw was a wall of text with a few pictures in it. Horrible format.

wheresmymonkey1384d ago

I posted the review from my phone something must cocked up. Thanks for bringing this to my attention. It's all fixed now.

Nikolas261385d ago

I guess the reviewer didnt notice the flame skill u get before the 1st boss battle, 6 hits each hand/leg with daggers on fire and gg.

wheresmymonkey1384d ago

I did i just didn't have much luck with them. i ended up fighting it with daggers and fireballs. My main issue was that it didn't react to anything you did. The multiple healthbars seemed pointless.