Insomniac Games Explain Why Sunset Overdrive Is Exclusive To XBO: Microsoft Are "Terrific Partners"

GearNuke: "Sunset Overdrive is an exclusive game from Insomniac Games, the creators of Ratchet and Clank and Resistance series on PlayStation platform. It was quite a surprise to see them going exclusive to Xbox One for their next big game since they have mostly made games exclusively for the PlayStation, and were considered an important part of the PlayStation 2 and 3 software lineup. James Stevenson, Community Lead at Insomniac Games, explains how they ended up becoming creating an exclusive for Microsoft."

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incendy351200d ago

Glad MS is letting these studios have so much artistic freedom. The game looks amazing.

Abash1200d ago

I'm really surprised that Insomniac owns the rights to Sunset Overdrive. If it is really successful, I can see it becoming a series across many different platforms

joab7771200d ago Show
GarrusVakarian1200d ago (Edited 1200d ago )

"I'm really surprised that Insomniac owns the rights to Sunset Overdrive."

Oh, they do? I didn't know that. Man, MS must really trust Insomniac with this game. If i were MS, i would be locking it down to Xbox One only, lol.

That means that Insomniac could make SO a multi-platform game if they wanted to. I doubt they will though, they said they enjoyed working on a single platform in an earlier interview.

True_Samurai1200d ago

@joab ain't nothing wrong with that. They see where the grass is greener or I should say where the money is stacked higher

incendy351200d ago

Gears of War was also owned by Epic until just a couple of months ago. I think it is pretty normal for Microsoft to work that way when it comes to Third Party studios.

Bennibop1200d ago

Strange that they are saying this when every other developer is saying sony are fantastic to work with. I can't help but feel that money talked which is fine they are business after all.

Volkama1200d ago

It's a "nice" way for a publisher to partner with a studio. They're funding and publishing games, without bullying or controlling the talent. There is no downside to that, it's far far better to see than moneyhatting timed exclusives.

At least that's how it appears on the surface. Who knows what evil lurks behind closed doors.

4Sh0w1200d ago (Edited 1200d ago )

It's not strange, why does everyone think one company has to be all good and one has to be all bad? If you know your game history, and not just the headlines you would know that's far from the truth. Plenty of devs have said micro is a great partner to realize their artistic vision. Plenty of devs enjoy sonys support as well. Also >>FACT<< is both make mistakes and neither is evil.

What usually happens is at times people working together closely within the company or as partners with another company occasionally have disagreements. Notice the few devs critical of micro all have an axe to grind (indies particularly) over micros in-house decisions related to online strategy= want to make more money on xbox live but for parity reasons micro doesn't allow it. You can disagree with micro's position but that doesn't make them evil, micro has had this clause for a long time and they see it as proper business. Ultimately as a dev if you disagree and hate micro for it fine but its their brand so move on and support the one you do agree with.

Again, business by its nature means making tough decisions, neither company to me seems more righteous or more evil and as a dev sometimes you might need to move on and start fresh when you don't like a decision a partner above you has made, future possibility of working with the former company again under a new structure/deal always exists (Bungie/ Insomniac). No doubt Insomniac will make future games for ps4, multi or maybe exclusive but why do folks get so upset when devs make exclusives for xbox?

Ausbo1200d ago

It could be a titanfall situation. First game exclusive, the rest prob not. I think Microsoft put a lot of money into this game so I wouldn't expect sunset overdrive 1 to go to sony

truefan11200d ago (Edited 1200d ago )

Why are people suprised, some of the best studios in gaming work with MSFT. Crytek, Epic, Remedy, Bethseda, Bungie, now Insomniac. Not to mention look how they helped raise the stock of Double Helix. MSFT studios is doing big things this gen just open you eyes and witness them work.

The problem is most of the Internet gaming community is a bunch of followers who refuse to acknowledge anything positive MSFT or XB1. You guys listen to too many indie devs trying to get their 20 minutes of fame bad mouthing MSFT when still some of the best indie devs still work with MSFT, The Behemoth and MoJang/4k studios.

MYDEATH211200d ago (Edited 1200d ago )

It reminds me of Gotham City Imposters for some reason lol

Sitdown1200d ago

In your mind, it's not possible for it to be fantastic to work for either company? Just because other developers have being saying it about Sony, does not mean it can't be true for Microsoft as well. Besides, at three end of the day... Aren't ask the companies trying to make money, since they are for profit?

DragonKnight1200d ago (Edited 1200d ago )

I will personally throw a party for the first developer who makes an exclusive for whatever console that comes out and says

"Why did we make it exclusive? Fo' da money yo"

Lame PR responses are boring.

@truefan1: And I bet you think that MSFT has done nothing to deserve the majority opinion (you did say most of the internet) that they are bad for gaming right? All sunshine and roses coming from them, they've been pro-consumer, anti-government, pro-competition from the start right?

scott1821200d ago

Yes, and I am sure they will say the same on their next project with Sony. People are so funny on here.

MasterCornholio1200d ago (Edited 1200d ago )

Oh wow thats great news then. Hopefully Sunset will come to the PS4 some day.


You people disgust me.

UltraNova1200d ago

@ Dragon

I second that dude.

Massacred1200d ago

So future installments could come to other platforms?

Godmars2901200d ago

More like, "They didn't pis us off like with whatever Sony did."

XB1_PS41200d ago

@mikeslemonade They were funded, not moneyhatted. I don't think you know what that means. Sony wasn't providing Insomniac enough of a budget for proper development time. MS did. This is the result. There's literally nothing bad that MS did involving insomniac.

scott1821200d ago

Sony did what? MS did what?

how do you know all of this?

josephayal1200d ago

is very likely going to be a timed exclusive,

GameNameFame1199d ago

So there is a good chance that if the game is successful, it can go multiplat. at least next game will be multiplat.

And last I checked Insomiac was making less quality games and Sony wasnt sponsoring them anymore.

Look at the review scores on their last few games...

Charybdis1199d ago (Edited 1199d ago )

In this case Microsoft is the publisher which doesn't own the rights to the game/franchise, but they probably do have the publishing and distribution rights for SO.

We can assume Microsoft funded the development of SO and probably also pays for the marketing efforts. If SO will go to other platforms it will at least need another publisher. Self publishing the game on other platforms is also a possibility, but if dev uses or goes to publisher it mostly is because of funding and support purposes.

Going multi-platform at the moment doesn't seem likely as I remember reading something along the lines of 'permanent xbox one exclusive'.

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Magicite1200d ago ShowReplies(2)
kewlkat0071200d ago

I'm surprised this is an Insomniac game looking at the colors and visual style...

Myze1200d ago

Obviously not remotely similar in terms of gameplay, but "colors and visual style" I take your meaning as cartoonish/stylized and vibrant colors, which describes Ratchet and Clank's visuals in a nutshell.

I think the the game looks like a lot of fun, and although I don't expect it, I hope it isn't one of those games that is TONS of fun early on, but becomes very repetitive. For some reason, when I saw the gameplay, I didn't think of Jet Set Radio or Infamous, I though of Crazy Taxi, and I'm not even sure why. Maybe the zaniness and off-the-wall design decisions. This is a good thing, on one hand, since Crazy Taxi was a very fun game, but on the other hand, the game became very repetitive and was a fun game for 3-4 hours, but no more.

What I see with Sunset Overdrive so far seems like it will definitely be a lot of fun, but I'm not gonna 100% fall for it till we know what variety is offered outside of the monster blasting in an open world aspect. I am not thinking it will be lacking, I'm just not gonna fall head over heals in love so quickly.

Why o why1200d ago (Edited 1200d ago )

For real... r+c games were full of colour. The traversing reminds me of jet set radio. Loved that game. Hope it turns out well for X1 owners. Insomniac are quality., myze beat me to it.

kewlkat0071200d ago

Actually you are right about R&C..

randomass1711200d ago

I agree, the game looks quite stellar. Glad Insomniac got to make this freely. :)

Blaze9291200d ago

who knows if Insomniac ever broke even with any of the games they released on PS3 last gen. They sure as hell didn't get much marketing attention.

Maybe they just had enough of their hard work and games being undershadowed and undersold.

BlackTar1871200d ago

Wait is this game called Halo or GeOW or Forza?

Insomniac games are nothing special. Some gems but alot of mediocre titles.

Blackdeath_6631200d ago

lol what a load of bullshit, the only reason guantic dream is a sony exclusive studio is because MS turned them away

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cfc781200d ago

Sorry you feel that way, but know we had to partner with the right group that believed in us and the vision of the game, wanted to see that vision came to life, and was ok with us retaining the rights to our creation.In all of those regards,Microsoft has been a terrific partner in making Sunset Overdrive reality.

That's something you don't hear every day microsoft need more reactions like these.

Testfire1200d ago

To me at least its not surprising. Sony wants exclusivity and to own the game rights but give creative freedom, EA doesn't need to own the game rights but they WILL assert their control over the creation process, MS will allow creative freedom and usually let the dev keep the IP, they just care about exclusivity. MS gets a bad rap, but many devs do well with them and have no issues, Remedy, Epic, Crytek, Bungie, etc.