Titanfall Designer Details Making Of Swampland Map

Titanfall designer, Chris Dionne, details the work that went into making the Swampland map, to be included with the upcoming Expedition DLC pack.

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BX811352d ago

I'm going to say around the 12th since that's the live stream. I'm hoping any way.

4Sh0w1352d ago

Yep, I'm waiting for this.

incendy351352d ago

Pretty neat to see the conception of how maps are designed from a design aspect. Be cool if they did an entire series on making the game. Even if it was just a small in house Channel9 series.

Really looking forward to playing it too.

Tedakin1352d ago

Great to have some new maps, but I'd like to hear about that performance patch and a few other things too ;)

HugoDrax1352d ago (Edited 1352d ago )

Nice! I'm only a GEN5, hopefully with this DLC I'll have more incentive to keep working towards becoming a GEN 10 pilot.

skoorydook1352d ago

Bouncing around the trees sounds fun, was always skeptical about Titanfall but am really enjoying it.