Dying Light's Producer: "I laugh at those who kept predicting PC gaming to be dead by now"

Thomas of DSOGaming writes: "When asked about the PC gaming scene, Dying Light's producer said that he just laughs at those who 'for many years kept predicting it to be dead by now.'"

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trywizardo1532d ago

if its not dead then its dieing ..

xPhearR3dx1532d ago

You're a funny little man.

Ashunderfire861532d ago (Edited 1532d ago )

Funny indeed lol! PC will destroy\ you.

Pandamobile1532d ago

By that logic, console gaming is definitely dead, considering PC game revenue has now surpassed console game revenue...

I_am_Batman1532d ago

Really? Where did you get that information from? Can you post a link maybe?

On topic: I feel like gaming in general gets bigger and bigger no matter what platform you look at. Just look at the sales of the new console generation. Or look at the size of the community of games like Dota 2 and LoL.

Pandamobile1532d ago

Anyone with half a brain has seen this coming for years.

hellzsupernova1532d ago

you beat me to it. Ridiculous morons think pc gaming is going anywhere

I_am_Batman1531d ago

@Pandamobile: Well thanks for the link. That's the same info I found googling it. To be fair it's just an analyst making a claim.

It doesn't matter which platform has more revenue though as it's obvious to any gamer that the market is growing not shrinking.

The comment afterward was unnecessary. I assure you I have more than half a brain I just don't follow the economics of the business.

papashango1531d ago

ArsTechnica article holds more weight than you'll ever have. Burden of proof is on you to prove them wrong.

I'm not surprised considering EA has been profiting more off pc than ps3 for years.

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gillri1532d ago

I didnt think people meant that PC gaming as a whole was dying.....just that the PC AAA exclusive was dying, and...well it as dead as a dodo

the last AAA PC exclusive was Crysis 7 years ago

annus1532d ago

Never go full retard.

chris13gt1532d ago

Star Citizen
Planetary Annihilation
Project Eternity
Starcraft II: legency of the Void
Arma 3
Mount and Blade 2
Torment: Tides of Numenera
Wasteland 2
Divinity - Original Sin
Grim Dawn
Yeah,no exclusives:):)

pandehz1532d ago (Edited 1532d ago )

PC does not really need AAA Exclusives when we get majority of the AAA multiplats in higher fidelity and more options. dlc etc Consoles in fact NEED the exclusives to actually survive.

Also if you look at only PC exclusives list well I'm too scared to link you that site. Lets just say its a bit toooo many. The sheer variety, experimentation and uniqueness of the games on pc is not felt on any other platform.

TekoIie1532d ago


We can add a few more to that list cant we?

The Mandate
Heroes of the Storm
Stronghold Crusager

chris13gt1532d ago

Also i forgot Unreal Tournament 4.

starchild1532d ago (Edited 1532d ago )

How can some people be so naive? The PC still gets the so-called AAA exclusives. Just yesterday a new Unreal Tournament was announced for PC. And there are lots of games (like Total War Shogun 2) that I simply can't play on any console.

And even if the AAA exclusives have somewhat declined on PC, things have dramatically improved in general. The PC might have had slightly more AAA exclusives back in the 90s, but it also missed out on A LOT of 3rd party games that only came out on consoles. Now things are vastly better because nearly every 3rd party game comes out on the PC and can be enjoyed with the best graphics and framerate possible. And the PC still gets a massive amount of exclusives on top of all that.

papashango1531d ago

basically if you're a strategy game buff. Then you've never truly experienced a strategy game if you've never played Total War. Only on pc

allgamespc20121531d ago

hahaha man you went full retard after your first sentence there. so many more exclusives on pc than on consoles. has been that way since the beginning of time kid, get on with it.

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pompombrum1532d ago

Only thing "dieing" is another one of your brain cells every time you post on here.

Sy_Wolf1532d ago

Right, that's why games sell better on PC smh

Seafort1532d ago

The first few weeks consoles have the BIG numbers for each game then they are never heard from again while the PC sells each game throughout the year and hardly makes the headlines especially digital titles.

Games on PC must be selling quite well considering the PC market is predicted to be surpassing the console market in total revenue :)

It's a marathon not a sprint :P

Daniel_Potter1532d ago

Here's why
Number of active steam users in 2010: 25 million
Number of active steam users in 2014: 75 million

Letros1531d ago (Edited 1531d ago )

Depends on the game, something awesome like Portal 2 sold better on PC, as did BF3, and D3 sold way more units on PC. Stuff like CoD, yea the lunchbox kiddies buy that up.

The_KELRaTH1532d ago (Edited 1532d ago )

The OS and hardware manufacturers said it was dead because they wanted you to look to buy their closed system and pay so much more for games.
The big publishers kept shouting piracy as the big excuse to push you you to game on a closed system.

Many PC gamers even gave consoles a try as some of the big publishers (that also happen to manufacture the hardware) pushed out console only exclusives.

But you just can't beat the PC for game quality, the wealth of games from smaller studios, much wider genre of games, user developed content (which has produced some of the most stunning and creative work not seen in commercial studios), backwards compatibility (as well as the ability for users to upgrade these old games to make use of current hardware), user has ability to select/prioritise IQ settings.

And when not gaming you have a wealth of tools for just about any hobby / activity you can think of.

allgamespc20121531d ago

bahahahahahaha....what a noob. reported, no more bubbles for you sir.

randomass1711531d ago

PC gaming is far from dying, especially now that game development between PCs and consoles is so easy.

kingduqc1531d ago

more like eating tons of carbs and lifting heavy sicne it passed both ps3+360+wii+wiiu + ps4 + xbone income combined

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Ravenheartzero1532d ago

Gaming on all platforms is well and truly alive, so many great games to come :)

totalrecoilzz1532d ago

cod games on pc are dead thats a fact.

Seafort1532d ago

Yup they are. It's quite sad since CoD was PC exclusive a long time ago.

I actually liked CoD 1 and 2 as they had a long single player campaign (15-20hrs) compared to the non-campaign now.

The_KELRaTH1532d ago

Just having a look on Gametracker and there are more PC players playing Cod 4 (on nice dedicated servers) than PS3 players playing Op2 or Ghosts!

elhebbo161531d ago

Enjoy Unreal Tournament 4 on console.

berndogskate1532d ago

Just you worry about your own game being delayed

mezati991532d ago

lol pc gaming is everything but dead

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