You Should Be Upset About Tomodachi Life

Evan Tognotti writes: "Hey, have you heard about Tomodachi Life? Maybe you have. It’s a quirky life simulator from Nintendo, headed to the 3DS later this year. Kinda like Animal Crossing, but with more user creation tools and agency. Yesterday, after some protestations, Nintendo explained that you wouldn’t be able to have a homosexual relationship in the game.

This is a problem.

The reasons that its a problem are, to me, obvious. The decision is needless and alienating. The statement in Nintendo’s press release is also one of the slimiest things I’ve ever seen emerge from a video game company. Thousands, if not millions of Nintendo fans will be poorly represented.

Here are five arguments I’ve seen in favor of Nintendo, and I’d like to address just why they’re all bullshit, one by one. Good? Good."

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Dehnus1531d ago

After about 6 articles of hatred spewed towards me regarding my sexuality... yes I'm done. I first was not for safe zones. I did not think exclusion was the answer to civil rights problems. But after seeing people like you post and many others... FUCK IT!

The Feminists are right, the Dudebros ally does not exist. We need to go out, be loud, protest and grab as much as we can because you feel personally threatened by even the smallest thing we might get.

randomass1711531d ago

Look, I can't speak for anyone but myself, but I can tell you that I in no way want to see anyone trampled upon or persecuted for being who they are. That being said, this controversy against Tomodachi Life and Nintendo is overblown and completely stupid. Nintendo is essentially being trashed on for the Missingno glitch. They never had gay relationships in the game from day one and now people are angry because they are refusing to take a stance on the issue.

Attacking someone for not wanting to get involved makes it that much easier for them to side against you. Think about that.

Shnazzyone1531d ago

Talk about a white knight article.

What's funny is how logical the arguments that the author debates are and how bad he is at debating them. After reading this, I still think the Tomodachi life thing is not that big of a deal and anyone getting angry about it is a bit ridiculous. How about calling your congressman about Gay marriage in your state, not whining to nintendo gay marriage in a silly name.

randomass1711531d ago

Can't say I disagree. Article after article about this... JUST STOP. This game is NOT worth the controversy!

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kalkano1532d ago

I am upset. I'm upset at how many people are suggesting that Nintendo, somehow, did something wrong.

GiantEnemyCrab1532d ago

Under %10 of the US population at least. So much about "stay out of my bedroom" and then you want to publicly shame a game because it doesn't support your lifestyle.

Nintendo answers to its share holders and gets no tax payer dollars directly. They can do what they want.

TheWackyMan1531d ago

As a gay male, I really don't care.

sloth33951531d ago

getting tired of hearing groups complaining about video games which are not real life

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