An introduction to MOBA games

Continue Play's Oliver Zimmerman takes a look at the growing genre of MOBA games and tries to explain some of the quirks and foibles of a notoriously difficult genre to get into.

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Skate-AK1502d ago

Will check this out later. Have wanted to try an MOBA but have no clue where to start.

dasbeer881502d ago

If you want a good, competitive, but heavy learning curve MOBA which highly satisfies you by the end of the match, I recommend DOTA 2. However, if you want a popular, arcady, and easy to play MOBA, I recommend you start with League of Legends.

elhebbo161502d ago

Hereos of Newerth is also good to try.

JsonHenry1502d ago

+1 to dasbeer88's comment.

Start with LoL or Heroes of Newerth and then transition to Dota 2 for a more challenging and in depth MOBA.

il-JumperMT1502d ago

HoN was great until F2P//Went overboard with heroes.

I do miss some heroes from HoN that I wish they where in DOTA2.


3-4-51502d ago

The New Blizzard one should be a great intro for beginners on MOBA's. It's not out yet, but I mean.....It's Blizzard and they rarely screw a game up.

ContinuePlay1501d ago

We actually have a preview of Heroes of the Storm on the site, and we've also started running more in-depth looks at each of the individual champions, starting with Stitches

MeteorPanda1502d ago

MOBA college!
Teamwork 101
Call everyone a noob, deflect all blame from yourself!