What GamesBeat is hoping for and looking forward to at E3

E3′s only a month away, so the GamesBeat staff decided to tell readers what we’re looking forward to and hoping for out of this year’s event.

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NagaSotuva781d ago

Anything Mega Man, besides Smash, would be rad.

thehobbyist781d ago

Really hoping Megaman in Smash means more Megaman in general

randomass171781d ago

Considering the huge fan reaction, Capcom can't afford NOT to bring back Mega Man.

Sadie2100781d ago

Yes, I agree -- that would be AWESOME.

wonderfulmonkeyman781d ago (Edited 781d ago )

An announcement of Bayyonetta 2 being released this summer in the states, as well, would be great.
Right now it's only confirmed for "this year", in the states.

randomass171781d ago

Agreed. I hope they provide a solid release date for Bayonetta 2 as well. Really want to pick that up with my Wii U this year.

choadley781d ago

We definitely need a new Advance Wars. Don't forget F-Zero too.

randomass171781d ago

New Star Fox and Metroid wouldn't hurt. :)

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