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No, Nintendo Doesn't Hate Gays. AKA "Why ‪#‎Miiquality‬ is Pointless".

There's controversy surrounding Nintendo’s upcoming game, Tomodachi Life. The issue stems from the fact that the game does not allow same-sex characters to be married. It was exacerbated by Nintendo saying that the reason for this was because they wanted to avoid “social commentary”. Admittedly, Nintendo have handled this situation badly, but all those who are arguing that Nintendo are being homophobic are, frankly, wrong. Let's take a look at why. (3DS, Nintendo, Tomodachi Life)

CustardTrout  +   362d ago
Well this is awkward
[Edit - this is meant to have an image...]
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randomass171  +   362d ago
Oh criminey. Do people seriously think this non-issue makes Nintendo homophobic??
3-4-5  +   362d ago
* Quick, somebody List/Name ALL the games that allow you to be in a relationship with somebody of the same sex.

Now compare that to the list of all games ever created.

How many actually allow it?
ContinuePlay  +   362d ago
randomass171  +   362d ago
^This. This controversy is so dumb... and to think Nintendo wanted to AVOID controversy.
jacqueline_carter  +   362d ago
I approved the article but I disagree. I think we have every right to be angry with nintendo.
iamnsuperman  +   362d ago
I agree with you. I also find it funny considering the tag line for this game is something like

Your friends. Your drama. Your life.

Urm apparently not for the gay community.
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drpepperdude  +   362d ago
So should they add a lesbian, transgender option also? Or would Nintendo still be evil because they only added in gay dudes.
DragonKnight  +   362d ago
Why do you have any right to be angry with Nintendo?
randomass171  +   362d ago
You're angry because you can't make Miis gay in a game that isn't even a real dating sim? -_-
wonderfulmonkeyman  +   362d ago
There's plenty of other games on the internet right now that would allow someone to choose to date their own gender.
Why must this game and every game like it cater to gays just so the creators can avoid being villainized, when there are already other options that cater to the demographic that wants to marry their gender?
Why can't there be two sides to this coin, some games for straights and some games for gays, without both sides trying to villainize each other over the issue?
If equality is ever going to mean anything, then there's got to be a way for both sides to get what they want without being forced to be together every single time in every single instance.
Forcing issues only makes people fight back harder sometimes.
That doesn't solve everything very quickly.
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voodoochild346  +   362d ago
No you don't. Stop being a hypocrite and be TOLERANT of Nintendo's right to make a game the way they want to. It's not even a dating sim so I don't understand why people care about sexual orientation. Surely your life isn't so unfulfilling that you have to find something to hate on. Please find something to do...
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KonsoruMasuta  +   362d ago
Not everything has to cater to your demographic. If only people would realize that.
randomass171  +   362d ago
I'm so shocked people are upset because they can't make Miis marry other certain Miis. I mean... why does it matter? There are worse offenders out there anyway.
Activemessiah  +   362d ago
On a more serious note, this game came out in Japan a while ago and they have JUST decided to give the west one of their "very japanese" games that we don't usually get... but now that this has happened, Nintendo will unlikely do this again and we might miss out on actual gems... so well done, you may have just cost us future ports. -_-
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Wenis  +   362d ago
Some peoples lives are so boring that they find the dumbest things to complain about.
SoulMikeY  +   362d ago
Yep. But they need to be the center of attention for some reason...
lonelyplayer  +   362d ago
no sh*t! You just have to hear the Mario voice to realize that.
Chespin  +   362d ago
Does this need to be forced into everything? What's next,complaining because Pokemon can't have gay sex?
sonic989  +   362d ago
that would cause nightmares buddy and i am not JOKING here .
those people should live their lives no body is stopping them just dont screw other people lives because we still dont see it normal and some of us will never ( like me ) .
have your life the way you want it to be .
OtakuDJK1NG  +   362d ago
that would be awkward. Male Pikachu with Male Pikachu lmao

People need to chill.
JohnathanACE  +   362d ago
There are people who actually complain that you can't cross dress in Pokemon. So I wouldn't be surprised if the idiots started complaining about that.
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contradictory  +   362d ago
O_O seriously?
Jag-T1000  +   362d ago
Gay people want everything, cant they just stay in the closet.
randomass171  +   362d ago
That's a little underhanded. I want LGBT people to have as many rights as I do. But this outrage is just... so unnecessary and pointless. It's like punching someone in the face for not choosing to have an opinion while they make a drawing of a straight couple.
darkstar18  +   362d ago
must be a slow nwes day huh guys..now that Nintendo is making a profit with ever Wii U sold the "doom" articles seem a bit pointless now. So i guess any way to spin something to make Nintendo seem like out of touch demons from hell is what we are left with...gg guys.

ps. GOD i cant wait for X, Bayonettat 2 ;) 2014!!
SoapShoes  +   362d ago
People who act like victims to push their agenda into everything are the same as homophobes just doing it in a different way yet they claim to be open minded.. Ha! They're just as close minded as everyone else.
ShaunCameron  +   362d ago
Meh. People who act like victims were never open-minded to anything except whatever satisfies their fragile egos.
mochachino  +   362d ago
Wow, Nintendo is way more out of touch that I ever thought. I have no tolerance for the intolerant:)

I don't even feel bad they're failing now. Nostalgia being replaced with disappointment. It's like when I found out Mel Gibson was anti-semitic or Kramer racist.
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ShaunCameron  +   362d ago
Nah. The only people out of touch here are those who think Nintendo owes them because they identify themselves as (insert victim group of the day). The world doesn't revolve around them or their feelings.
Kenshin_BATT0USAI  +   362d ago
You just claimed exactly what makes people like you hypocrites. No tolerance for intolerance? Like seriously? How stupid is that. Putting a gun to someone's head and telling them to agree is only gonna make them vehemently disagree with you more.
Donnywho  +   362d ago
This whole uproar is kinda gay. Not that there's anything wrong with that.
uth11  +   362d ago
The article is right in the end, if you don't like the situation, then petition them in a constructive way. This kind of backlash is divisive and doesn't really help your cause.
isarai  +   362d ago
Well i'm not strongly opinionated one way or another, but i gotta ask. Why not? i mean it's not like it'd be hard to implement, in fact it would be easier to not add that restriction. I mean they'd have to literally go out of their way to implement this, but why?
Soldierone  +   362d ago
I must say, I've read about this on several news sites and of all the news sites I've never agreed with more comments than here on N4g.

Seriously it's a game, don't like it, then REQUEST the feature and leave it at that. Don't like them not doing it? Play something else then. They made the game not you, all the power you have is not buying the game.
rextraordinaire  +   361d ago
Not buying the game is only on part of the power people have. They also have the power to petition, to spark controversy, and to talk about it in public...
Kenshin_BATT0USAI  +   362d ago
LOL why does this matter? It's their game, don't like it? Don't buy it.

I swear this super tolerance movement is so intolerant to those of differing opinions. Way to be hypocrites.

Reality is, if it ISN'T infringing on your rights, you have no reason to complain. This doesn't force changes on anyone's lifestyle. Same with the guy who invented Java. Sure he doesn't like homosexuals, but he wasn't going around trying to ruin their lives, he just used AN ESTABLISHED system to support the political party HE AGREED WITH, like it's his right to.
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2pacalypsenow  +   362d ago
drudez  +   361d ago
People, People! In a game like this, just like the Sims, they have to put in a restriction to only allow hetero coupling, so it is an exclusionary move.
To almost everybody here who has commented: it's pointless TO YOU! Gay people want visibility because they're forced to hide for much of their lives. I think it would mean a lot to kids who feel a dreadful sense of not belonging (probably something many gamers can relate to as well) to see themselves in a game, and for everyone who else don't marry same sex in the game, just like in real life. Kapeesh?

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