Nintendo Submits Entry for 'Out Of Touch 2014' Award With Tomodachi Life

Hardcore Gamer: The world is a tricky place. Global climate change is real and largely manmade, evolution happened and is happening today, vaccines don't cause autism, and homosexuality (and bisexuality, for that matter) is no big deal. Filtering out the Crazy and knowing what's actually controversial and what isn't can be hard, but it's not that hard. Nintendo has decided they want to create a cute, fun little island getaway with the tag line “Your friends. Your drama. Your life.” while somehow thinking excluding “your friends” avoids more controversy than including them does.

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JohnathanACE1531d ago

N4G needs to stop approving these stupid articles.

Beetey1531d ago

I feel like for the past week every other 3DS article has been about this.

The funny part is that, by repeatedly bashing this game, they are giving it a TON of publicity.

kalkano1531d ago

Yeah, I had never even heard of the game, until now. I'm still not interested in it, but I think this will actually have a positive impact on sales, and I'm glad.

Anthotis1531d ago


People who wouldn't of heard of this game now have, and it also shows how petty and foolish social justice warriors are.

MasterD9191531d ago

Flappy Bird's brief popularity proves your comment is spot-on.

3-4-51531d ago

How many games actually allow people of the same sex to "be together " ?

like .0000001% ?

randomass1711531d ago

Probably even smaller. Mass Effect and The Sims are the only games I can think of.

randomass1711531d ago

Agreed. This just doesn't seem like a newsworthy topic to me.

ValKilmer1531d ago

Oh ho-hum. I'm sorry, but I’m the first person to preach tolerance of homosexuality. That being said, just because we accept homoseuxality doesn’t mean it has to permiate EVERY form of everything in our lives in order to be politically correct.

thehobbyist1531d ago

Social justice is killing videogames.

randomass1711531d ago

Maybe not killing, but certainly damaging.

porkChop1531d ago

I do agree. Though when you have something like exclusive awards/content in your game that are only available through marriage, then you should be a bit more accepting of the fact that not everyone is straight.

randomass1711531d ago

But is it really worth all of this controversy? I really think not. Especially for a tiny silly game like this one.

porkChop1531d ago

No, I don't think it is worth it. And I don't understand all the disagrees, I didn't say anything wrong. I wasn't saying the game should or shouldn't feature same-sex marriage. Pretty clear that everyone just hits the disagree button without even trying to understand what people are saying.

mhunterjr1531d ago (Edited 1531d ago )

Nintendo is a business the primarily markets games to kids and families. At the moment, their business is struggling. If you think that this backlash against their 'anti-gay' policies is big, just imagine the outcry they'd get from parents upset to hear that 'homosexuality is being promoted' in a Nintendo game. Right now is mad at them. What if it was foxnews instead? That would be devastating to their business.

I'm all for equality. But this is not a political stance from Nintendo. It's a financial one. They are in no financial position to be upsetting the parents who buy Nintendo games for their kids. With regards to this, there really is no 'right' thing for Nintendo to do. But one option is going to cost them a lot less money than the other, with a smaller PR hit, and that's the path they've chosen.

Shame on the gaming media for trying to paint them into a corner. The only question that needs to be asked is whether or not the game is fun. Never thought I'd see the day when Nintendo projects would become this type of social commentary.

Ol_G1531d ago

There are sane people left i'm glad :)

SpiralTear1531d ago

You can really make social commentary out of anything these days, especially in the game world. Regardless, I completely agree with you when you say that there is no "right answer." Nintendo had to make a very difficult choice and they did.

randomass1711531d ago

Damned if they do and damned if they didn't. :/

Activemessiah1531d ago

Interesting article, I think it w--*ZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzz*

Skate-AK1531d ago

It's an odd idea for a game but Nintendo will do what they want. Just like they always have.

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