Wii U now profitable but they're still doomed right?

GGG argues that the news that the Wii U is now being sold at a profit should curb a lot of the "Wii U/Nintendo is doomed" posts you see from the media but that it ultimately won't stop those from happening.

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NYC_Gamer1383d ago

Wii U not being sold at any lost makes it easier for Nintendo to ride out this gen..Nintendo already knows Wii U won't break any records when it comes to units sold but at least the company won't be bleeding.

Muerte24941383d ago

Thank you, GOD!!!!! Nintendo has never sold a system at a loss. While they may not have Wii Us flying off the shelf. They aren't losing money unless they are continuing high production.

Ck1x1383d ago

Not true, while the GC I believe was launched at a breakeven price point. When they had to drop the price relatively soon into the consoles life cycle, it caused them to sell it at a loss. The major difference is, the GC had an insane attach rate for games. Even to this day it has one of the highest attach rates of all Nintendo consoles relative to its install base. This is why they still made so much money during that era. The GBA definitely helped as well!

admiralvic1383d ago

"it ultimately won't stop those from happening."

Sadly, a lot of these editorials take a decidedly black and white approach when it comes to what is and is not "doomed". To put it simply, a lot of these articles are grounded in the notion that you're either the top dog or you're nothing. So unless the Wii U becomes the highest selling system, we will probably see doom / gloom articles until there are new lazy subjects to write long winded articles no one cares about.

For those looking for a peek into the future, the next / current lazy subject is gay marriage in Tomodachi Life.

iamnsuperman1383d ago (Edited 1383d ago )

I doubt Nintendo are going to be selling the console at a profit for long. The console isn't selling and I am expecting a price cut because of that. The sales are pretty bad (especially for a console that hasn't been out for long). The have to do something because you can't "rid it out" then expect to have massive support from consumers and developers next time around (with poor sales of your last console)

The issue I have with this and the opposite doom articles is they are all focusing on the wrong thing. Nintendo has mega bucks in the bank. That is great but the market is shifting and it is quite easy to loose that money. The problem is, I feel Nintendo is strongest in the wrong market. The handheld market is fairly rocky and unpredictable. It has been attacked this generation (hence initial poor 3DS sales and projection being well short of the DS) and it is only going to get worst when more services like PS Now come out. All it takes is one to make it available on phones and the handheld market will become fairly niche in the Western market in the near future (the handheld market has taken a massive hit this time around and it doesn't look like it is improving).

Nintendo need to improve its home console division because that is the most secure division. That is the issue I feel everyone is ignoring. Will the Wii U kill Nintendo? No but it could contribute to it if they don't improve. We can all say they will learn but they haven't since 1996 (except for the Wii blip and that hasn't helped Nintendo's long term plans) and they need to do something

fonger081383d ago

How is the home division Nintendo most secure division? Their dedicated handheld gaming has had a near monopoly since the release of the original game boy. Has mobile gaming taken away market share, of course, but it has from home console gaming too. PSNow has a lot to prove, being the first major cloud based gaming sevice is going to have major up hill battle most of which is out of Sony's control. Internet IPs are going to bottleneck the heck out internet services as demand and streaming devices take over more and more of everyday house hold. Does Nintendo need a change of direction, very much so, as video game home consoles cost major companies Billions, if you don't believe me see how much Sony and Microsoft lost of the past 10 years. Nintendo needs to find different revenue steams

iamnsuperman1383d ago

Because the handheld market is being attacked left right and centre. The home console market is growing.

Okay I should have said potentially the most secure division. Streaming services (all types) are popping up all over the place. IPs want to bottleneck and streamline certain websites but they are really struggling to do that right now under the huge pressure of big capitalist companies. Google, Amazon, Netflixs, Microsoft and more have already fired the first retaliatory shots. There influence will keep the internet free and fair. Also it is worth noting how many streaming services are already out there and functioning. Gaming is the latest to jump on but on demand service have already taken over. True gaming will increase the load but as the services get real life testing processes and methods will improve.

This is why they need to sort out their home console division. It is the one division with the most potential. I do agree that Nintendo need to find other revenue streams

iplay1up21383d ago

The handheld market is far from rocky for Nintendo. Look at DS/3DS softwear sales for gosh sakes.

With Mario Kart 8 coming in a bundle with a free game download of your choice if you buy one before July something, why do you think they would cut the price? Plus SSB, Bayonetta, Hyrule, X, all this year, I doubt that is going to happen.

Wii U is worth the Money, Hell SMK8, A deluxe set, and 3D world For $299 is worth every penny

Ck1x1383d ago

Nintendo has been doomed since 1983!/s

thehobbyist1383d ago

Yeah, remember when all the talk back in the day was about how blast processing was going to kill the SNES? Or how the PS1 beating the N64 meant that Nintendo was going down in the next five years? Or how motion controls were just a gimmick that would never sell?

nyobzoo1383d ago

well Nintendo’s sales predictions for the Wii U for the next financial year (up to March 2015) is just 3.6 million. That's horribly low imo

paulcek1383d ago

Maybe the plan is to have low expectations so when they pass those expectations(if they do), it will look good.

Kinda the opposite of the 9mil-2.8 forecast. That was terrible, but the fact that they predicted 9mil at first made it look even worse.

unknownbystander1383d ago

Well maybe they are doing this to under-promise and over provide which will make it look good for Nintendo just what paulcek says.

Mario Kart 8
Bayonetta 2
Monolithsoft's X
Smash Brothers for Wii U and 3DS
Hyrule Warriors
+ Plus unannounced games

These are all coming in 2014 and I haven't even said the third party games like Watch_Dogs, possible Call of Duty, Sonic Boom, and more.

In this case, I'm highly inclined to say that more than 3.6 million Wii U's will be sold.

In my rather predictive and optimistic opinion, I would say that they would at least sell 5 million.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1383d ago

They are expecting. It doesn't mean they will sell exact number. With MK8, Smash and Zelda they will easily get 4m at lowest and 9m at highest.

mrbojingles1383d ago

That's a very conservative but entirely do-able goal.

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