Who Is Showing What At E3 2014 Take A Closer Look

Here at Xbox Players we normally have all the facts. This time we are reporting Rumours!

This June will no doubt surpass any previous E3 Expo’s so we wanted to start a page where YOU can report the LEAST IMPORTANT snippet of Info on what is generally described as the greatest gaming show on Earth. Sorry TGS but it is

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Mikelarry1355d ago

june cant come any sooner, all those games... shut up wallet you have no say in this you will be used and abused mercilessly

TheRocksStrudle1355d ago

Layeth the smacketh-down on your jabroni wallet!

randomass1711354d ago

The poor wallets. :'( They are too often persecuted. We must do something to save them!

gigoran1355d ago

Sony murdered MS at e3 last year, FACT! I have a strong feeling they will do the same this year. Working VR tech with an affordable price? It's in the bag!

Clown_Syndr0me1355d ago

VR isn't for everyone though, they could show as much of that as they like and it would make no difference to me.
Its all about the games, and only time will tell. Bring on E3!

WeAreLegion1355d ago

Have you tried VR yet? I highly recommend it.

gigoran1355d ago

It's cool you're into it bro. I tried it back in the day when it was new, and what they have now is 100 times better. I can't wait for it.

Clown_Syndr0me1355d ago

I haven't tried it, I imagine is great but due to personal circumstances and health it wouldn't be for me. I hope VR doesn't hinder non-VR games.

randomass1711354d ago

Haven't tried VR myself either, but everyone keeps telling me it's the next big thing. I'd definitely give it a try if given the chance.

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paulcek1355d ago

You can't just call non-facts facts. I mean MS isn't dead, so obviously not fact.

But metaphorically speaking: yeah totally.

This year, I think it'd be more interesting if neither MS and Sony completely dominated one or the other. It'd be more of a competition that way.

randomass1711354d ago

Let's see what happens. E3 is often full of surprises.

Clown_Syndr0me1354d ago

As an owner of both consoles I hope they both do equally well.
I dont like it when one console takes the back seat and the other gets all my lovin'...

colonel1791355d ago

I am a PlayStation fan, and there are comments to prove it, but I think that this time is going to be MS time to shine. I am not saying Sony's E3 is going to be bad in any way, but I do think this year, Microsoft will have a better E3.

My reason is that Microsoft will focus 100% on games, while Sony will focus on PS Now, VR, and I have this huge feeling that it's going to be more disperse. MO, Morpheus shouldn't even be shown since is still a work in progress, and hopefully they don't spend much time with PS Now and other things than games.

Also, when they focus on games, hopefully it won't be 90% indies.

It's just my opinion on what I think about this E3. I want both to be great though and full of surprises!!

randomass1711354d ago

Microsoft learned from their mistakes, I think. I really want them to do well so as to provide Sony good and healthy competition. The more these guys compete, the more games they will make for us gamers. :)

ats19921355d ago

Sony didn't show anything but Indies and multi plats at last years e3. They only thing that they said that got a reaction is the price and no drm other than that their conference was boring.

Vegamyster1355d ago (Edited 1355d ago )

Sony didn't do a whole lot, MS PR was horrible but their E3 itself wasn't bad.

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xboxpete1354d ago

Sony Wins E3? - E3 2013:

Now if your arguing as above look at this im obviously a gamer but games should win games conferences not downing your opponent (even if they made some really bad PR decisions)