Plants vs. Zombies GOTY Edition Now Available for Free on Origin

If you want to play some classic tower defense for free, Electronic Arts just set free one of the games that made the genre popular to begin with: Plants vs Zombies, in its Game of the Year edition.

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WeAreLegion1442d ago

Sweet. I have it, but it's nice that they're giving it away.

FAT MAN GO BOOM1441d ago

it is not free you have to down load origin...

Origin has a whole price you have to pay all on its own... not monetary but still a price...

That is the only reason they are giving it away for free... they don;t have enough people using or downloading origin and doing this now will help give them a nice bump in the numbers for their share holders meeting...

Only reasons... they did the something last year... and everyone rushed to download origin then everyone was given 20 dollars credit to spend in the store...

It is nothing to help bump the numbers for share holders meetings...

WeAreLegion1441d ago

But I already have Origin.

Milesprowers1442d ago

this game is far superior to that god awful Plants Vs Zombies 2 garbage.

SaffronCurse1442d ago

I always seem to forget my Origin sign in..shit.