Xbox One: How to Save Microsoft's Console

GR - Over on GameRevolution sister site, PlayStation LifeStyle, I recently wrote a feature asking whether Microsoft's Xbox One can stop PlayStation 4's momentum. While it's fun to debate if this can even be achieved, we now look to the next step—and that's how Microsoft can save its Xbox One console from annihilation by the PS4 juggernaut.

Below are some of the action plans Microsoft can take to drastically change the Xbox One's retail future—with a "downside" if it does implement these ideas.

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Axios21531d ago (Edited 1531d ago )

Step 1, release in 42 more Countries

Always interesting to compare facts, thanks to Sony we can see what sales lead to annihilation by comparing how they compare to the X1 5m in 5 months:

So according to Sony, the time it took the previous gen consoles to reach 5m were:

PS...17months and not annihilated
PS2...8+ months and not annihilated
PS3...10 months and not annihilated

So according to Sony, X1 is doing great

@Lukas, thx

GarrusVakarian1531d ago (Edited 1531d ago )

I get the point you are trying to make, and i completely disagree with the article saying the X1 needs "saving", but comparing the sales numbers of a console released in 2013, to that of consoles released in the late NINETIES and early 2000's, or even a console released in 2007, doesn't make any sense.

The way consoles were perceived back then is way different to how consoles are perceived now, the industry itself is also a completely different beast now. Of course these current-gen consoles will beating the numbers of past gen consoles, gaming has blown up lately in the mainstream and is a much more accepted medium, more than it ever has been. There are tons of factors that you are glossing over that determine the rates at which each console sells, just to try and make a point (which doesn't even need to be made, the X1 is doing fine).

And those numbers aren't "according/thanks to Sony" either, if you actually look at the link you provided you will see they are provided by a NeoGAF user. Sony didn't provide those numbers.

I'm not calling you out in an attempt to humiliate you or anything, neither am i sticking up for this ridiculous article (which we get WAY too many of, btw), im just pointing our the flaws in your comparisons.


No problem ;)

1531d ago
dbjj120881531d ago

I'm sure Sony believes that the competition with Xbox One will only do well for video games in general. As consumers we need both or else neither is motivated to push things forward.

mrpsychoticstalker1531d ago

This is by far the best common sense Comment I have read in weeks. Bubble for you bro and totally agree.

redwin1530d ago

I think that the Xbox should keep the kinect and meet the ps' price, it's just to argue that Sony has a gddr5 and ms has kinect and both have the same price point. People that don't know what a gddr5 is might go for the Xbox

ScareFactor1531d ago

Enough with these troll/flamebait articles.....

The system is selling very well and is not in any trouble.

If they want to catch up in sales however:
Drop the Kinect or price drop to $399.99
Have an epic e3
keep updating the console
Keep bringing good exclusives

dbjj120881531d ago

All of your points are in the article, so you agree with the troll?

MasterCornholio1530d ago

"The system is selling very well and is not in any trouble."

That's just your opinion though. Some people claim that the Wii U is doing just fine.

Let's see what Microsoft has to say about that at E3 because their opinion matters more than yours.

If Microsoft announces a price drop at E3 then the Xbox is in trouble. If they dont then the Xbox is doing just fine.


Izzy4081531d ago (Edited 1531d ago )

The Xbone doesn't need saving, it's selling just fine. It's the WiiU that needs a plan ASAP.

gary_m1531d ago

It isn't selling just fine. After the initial launch sales the XB1 is now selling significantly worse than the Xbox 360 was at the same point in time.

corvusmd1531d ago

XB1 is doing fine, and they are already making the right moves to help close the sales gap (which isn't nearly as dire as some believe it to be). It seems that this is all more about what some people WANT to justify saying. It's too early to tell what will happen this's only been 5 months...not yet 6. XB1's future actually looks rather promising. XB1's death has been greatly exaggerated.

truefan11531d ago (Edited 1531d ago )

Man people are working overtime trying to over shadow that Sunset Overdrive reveal. It ain't working, XB1 is awesome and we have some great games coming.

dbjj120881531d ago

Sunset Overdrive looks awesome! Can't wait to play it.

GameDev11531d ago

lol Sherlock, how did you figure that out from this opinion piece??

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