Check Out the First 15 Minutes of the PS4 Version of Bound by Flame in Shiny 1080p

Focus Home Interactive's upcoming RPG Bound by Flame won't be out until tomorrow, but early copies are already in the hands of a few lucky gamers, and the first fifteen minutes of the PS4 version have been leaked on YouTube.

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BiggCMan1354d ago

The graphics could definitely be better in this game. But aside from that it looks like a really fun one. Really cool combat if you watch longer videos that aren't the very beginning. Interesting story and what not. This should be a sleeper hit probably, don't think it will sell very well but should be liked.

Farsendor11354d ago

its a low budget mid tier game, its extremely difficult to boot.

im not sure if i want to put the time in to beat this game, dont get me wrong im having fun just i dont like to spend a lot of time with just one game when i have several to play.

Skate-AK1354d ago

Hope gamersyde puts up some footage. Their video quality is better than anyone's.