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MLB 14: The Show was a great game a month ago when it came out on PlayStation 3, and it remains so on PlayStation 4. MLB 14 on PS4 is a rare year one sports game on a new console that is both significantly better looking and feature complete with the last generation version. Given that the online play is slightly smoother and the visuals far better, the PlayStation 4 version is the one to get.

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ValKilmer1529d ago

Baseball: a game so fine it's played on diamonds.

Lightning Mr Bubbles1529d ago ShowReplies(2)
finito821529d ago

i really enjoy this game its fun

Psychotica1529d ago

This game is pretty fun. I did have one minor bug which was funny, I hit the ball to the second baseman and the announcer said "That will stay in the park as it bounces off the center field wall"?

psplova1529d ago

I broke the pitchers nose with a line drive just last game... definitely saved that replay, lol

Psychotica1528d ago

I bet that would hurt like a bitch..

Skate-AK1529d ago

Looks really good. The TV commercial does a good job showing off the graphics.