Wario Land 4 Released on Wii U Virtual Console

Hardcore Gamer: Nintendo has stealthily released yet another Game Boy Advance gem with Wario Land 4 on Wii U Virtual Console. Originally released in 2001, Wario Land 4 is often regarded as one of the best platformers ever created.

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ValKilmer1412d ago

For the love of god, why aren't these on 3DS!?

BattleReach1412d ago (Edited 1412d ago )

I have it because of the Ambassador program.

Vegamyster1412d ago

I don't know why they don't make them available, I'd gladly buy these GBA classic on my 3DS. I want N64/Gamecube games on my Wii-U

BattleReach1412d ago (Edited 1412d ago )

Lol, why people disagree a fact?

Edit: thanks for agree :)

DryBoneKoopa851412d ago

Just bought this! Going to start it after I finish Mario and Luigi Super Star Saga.

RosweeSon1412d ago

Yeah I got it as part of ambassador, but can't help but agree handheld games for the handhelds consoles and home games for their home console, really want GameCube on wii u and I would love Snes games on the 3DS, I seriously wanna play super mario world on my 3ds, but yeah the original DS games are coming to wii u now as well? Why not 3DS, but yeah seriously need to open up all consoles for all virtual console services, granted 3DS might not run GameCube but come on sure it could do SNES and N64, hey ho they are getting better, slowly, metal gear for gameboy color please ;)

Skate-AK1412d ago

Oh man. Going to have to get this.