Dear Microsoft: Make Fizzie Your Mario

Hardcore Gamer: Why should Microsoft care about putting a cute, funny face at the forefront of their marketing campaign? They are searching for a way to increase Xbox One sales, hoping that something they do will help you catch the PlayStation 4. They can start by making Sunset Overdrive's Fizzie the face of the Xbox Division.

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ValKilmer1502d ago

Yes, yes and yes.

This little dude is adorable. He could seriously be this generation's Crash Bandicoot, something that would propel Microsoft into '90s/early '00s Sony territory.

christocolus1502d ago (Edited 1502d ago )

The guy is a cutie..would be a cute mascot. His fangs make him look like a vampire sackboy....but an adorable little vamp still.

Lightning Mr Bubbles1502d ago (Edited 1502d ago )

This means war seriously.

mochachino1502d ago (Edited 1502d ago )

If you think present day gamers are going to adopt cute mascots like they did Mario, Sonic, and to a lesser extent Crash, you are completely out of touch with modern gamers. The average gamer is like 30 now.

They'd sooner embrace Ghost or Captain Price from COD than some Mario-esq mascot.

In fact they already have, Master Chief, Gordon Freeman, Kratos, Nathan Drake are modern day mascots. Even those will probably fail to resonate with them as much as people like Joel sooner than later.

Console and PC gamers have grown up, the kids have Angry Birds and iphone/android characters as mascots now.

randomass1711501d ago

He is certainly a cute little thing. But it would remain to be seen if he becomes as recognizable as Crash.

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Neonridr1502d ago

reminds me of a Little Big Planet character.

Ninver1502d ago

evil?...MS? a coincidence or perfect fit?

Palitera1502d ago (Edited 1502d ago )

I'd like to know where the official inspiration came from, to read their answer to this eventual question.

The chars look identical, we all see it, but I'm 99% sure they had other inspirations.

randomass1711501d ago

Kinda like how the Xbox Avatar looks like Mii.

truefan11502d ago (Edited 1502d ago )

Just so you know Fizzie is a bad guy, and a major troll on twitter. Fizzie is awesome though.

@ValKilmer got you, I don't disagree I think Fizzie is great, but XBOX is Master Chief's platform. There is nothing wrong with have secondary mascots, I also think of Delta Squad.

ValKilmer1502d ago

But sometimes bad guys make the best mascots. Just look at The Noid, he ruined pizzas!

randomass1711501d ago

There's also the Grinch and the dog burglar from Cookie Crisp cereal. He was a villain for a while.

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