DirectX 12 50% Reduction In CPU Overhead Doesn't Result In Enhanced PopcornFX Particle Effects

Much has been made about the benefits of Microsoft’s recently revealed DirectX 12 API. While some proclaim its capability of increasing performance for the Xbox One, others have doubted whether it can actually do much more than increase the efficiency of the hardware.

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iDadio1505d ago

It'll make a difference I'm sure but I'm not expecting anything that noticeable.

Bigpappy1505d ago

So how exactly is a difference, if it is unnoticeable?

iDadio1505d ago

I did not say unnoticeable.

MysticStrummer1505d ago

When exactly is unnoticeable?

BG115791505d ago (Edited 1505d ago )

It's unnoticeble as 1080p and 720p difference that some defended has not perceptible.

Omegasyde1505d ago

Pappy stay on your meds.

Your reply make zero sense.Sorta, like when you accuse people of trolling even though they are not even mentioning consoles.

Docknoss1505d ago

Well this is lot's of clout in the gaming industry, when speaks everyone internet wide stops and listens.

lokirevamped1504d ago

I guess if you close your eyes and rely on your ears aka Fanboy\Fangirl goggles.

Jazz41081504d ago (Edited 1504d ago )

Big Pappy do not loose track of what site you are on and the fact this is a gaming bolt article. They along with the way n4g had been heading are become known fanboy bottom feeding sites. They do not report news they report whatever bring them hits. I went to school for journalism yes I am a nerd and in Journalism 101 the first thing we learned is you report only the facts and you keep your own bias out of it. There is a reason n4t and gamingbolt and dualshockers are above average in opinion pieces. I also wanted to say I respect your opinion and I myself have been on n4g for now over 8 years and I have seen it evolve in to what it is today and my hope is people will grow up and see how ridiculous this is as a gamers should stick together no hate on one another. No one knows yet but Microsoft how directx 12 will reflect on the the one but almost everything I have read including from major manufactures of chips that is will be a substantial improvement.

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Bzone241505d ago


I guess if anyone would know it'd be you. /s

MYDEATH211505d ago

dun dun DUN

To get me to buy an Xbox Microsoft needs to drop it's price to about $300 and lose the camera I don't want to pay for.

Bigpappy1505d ago

They don't want your money its got stuff on it.

Prime1571504d ago

Pappy, if you think a company like ms, Sony, etc doesn't want his, hers, none or your money, then maybe that's why people respond the way they do to you... :/

Market share means a lot to investors/share holders, and that means getting OUR money.

denawayne1505d ago (Edited 1505d ago )

This article is so irrelevant. Let's go interview a dog about what he thinks about carrots.

Edit: I get it. The article is trying to show that there will be no enhancements because of DirectX. My point is this software doesn't use DirectX in the first place.

christocolus1505d ago (Edited 1505d ago )

I agree with you.. from the guys comments(which ive quoted below), he notes that the improvement is great but their middleware doesnt make alot of draw calls to the graphics driver hence it wont matter much.

“We intensively use the CPU, but make very few calls to the graphics driver. Therefore, while this improvement is great when you have lots of drawcalls, in our case, it will be like removing a droplet from the bathtub."

For those wondering what a drawcall is

Draw Calls are the number of GPU (graphic processing unit) calls the engine needs to make to render all the objects in your scene. In short this means for every unique texture, material(the component that renders the texture on the object) and object the GPU must make another call. ...

Actual games use a lot more drawcalls hence game devlopers will find Dx12 alot more useful.

christocolus1505d ago (Edited 1505d ago )

Sorry double post.

corvusmd1505d ago

Exactly, so because this middleware doesn't rely much on what DX12 does....uh so what...yet he say that he's really looking forward to DX12. The title is a little misleading.

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Josh1011505d ago (Edited 1505d ago )

Yes, DirectX12 will help with ease of porting. But this will NOT make the system drastically perform better. It will streamline porting, but that's about it. This will not make up the deficit between the power gap the XboxOne has with the PS4. Will not magically make the CPU and GPU perform on par or better than a more powerful set. Just, no...
Of course downvotes. Pfft. This is along the same lines of "Teh Cloudz" nonsense. Just something to bolster buzz. Get your head out of your bums.

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kickerz1505d ago

What animals do u have on your server farm?

Charybdis1505d ago (Edited 1505d ago )

Agree that dx12 won't improve hardware performance but it can improve software performance but so will opengl and its custom solutions.

Dx12 will be backwards compatable with dx11 and multiple cards but will also offer some features which require new/fully supported hardware ;functionality such as new blend modes and 'conservative rasterization' (and likely some more announced hardware specific features).

Don't know if xb1 hardware has full support for dx12 but can be important to consider when buying new cards.

XBOTTOX1504d ago

dude if you are C+ and C++ certified and "work with server farms" like you claim, then 1)you wouldnt be denying the cloud and 2) you wouldnt be calling it 'TEH CLOUDZ'.

Are you sitting up and saying that people havent been using the cloud for animation and things of that nature?
That they dont use it to offload the workload of doing things such as calculated physics and animation?

Just clarifying

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