I Support Nintendo Saying No To Gay Marriage

A commentary discussing the latest controversy surrounding Nintendo saying no to gay marriage in their upcoming game Tomodachi Life.

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Activemessiah1529d ago

Making mountains out of mole hills... just play the bloody game.

theshonen88991528d ago

I'll try to turn the table in hopes of making people at least try to understand.

Imagine if in Dragon Age, you were only allowed to romance male characters if you were a male character and female characters if you were a female. Imagine if same-sex relationships were your only choice and you were never given the option for heterosexual relationships.

Kind of a bummer right? I'm not objectively saying Nintendo should go in and change their game, but I do sympathize for the folks affects by this.

Activemessiah1528d ago

If that was the case, I'd know the game is not aimed at me so chances are i wouldn't buy it... simple. I wouldn't be complaining by making articles like most of the ones we saw on here because I understand and will see if the game is worth playing for other reasons, if i do find one, I'd buy it, simple.

krazykombatant1528d ago

Funny you're describing Dragon Age 2 in which you couldn't be nice to anyone because they, the companion NPC, would begin to hit on you....

Which led you to being a total @ss to everyone

DragonKnight1528d ago

Allow me to turn the tables yet again.

Imagine you played Dragon Age to enjoy the action, or the actual elements of the game and didn't bother with pursuing a relationship.

I know, I know, radical concept right?

Or how about this one.

Imagine instead of complaining about something no one has the right to complain about, and no one but the game creator can change, instead you make your own game with the representation you want in it. Geez, mind blown.

Oh and here's the last one. Imagine not expecting heterosexual people to represent non-heterosexual people since, you know, they aren't homosexual people.


randomass1711528d ago

I sympathize with those who are upset with this as well, but controversy is hardly worth it. Tomodachi Life is not a dating sim. It's a silly game for Miis to goof around in. Nothing more.

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So according to this Gay Marriage means sex...?

SpiralTear1529d ago

Why do you think this design decision instantly means that Nintendo is against gay marriage? The title alone makes it sound like they're homophobic and they're not.

Edsword1528d ago (Edited 1528d ago )

Actually, since Nintendo did not cave, I would say they are not homophobic at all. The companies that cave to every whim of the gay activism are the real homophobes by the definition of the word. The term homophobic is completely misapplied, it would imply that they are cowering in fear at what the gays might do if they don't put them in their game, not the other way around. I completely support Nintendo and any company who does not cave to the social gestapo of 3%. Eventually the gay fad will be over and people will realize that most humans are still straight. Gays can have their lifestyles and rights or whatever, just do not expect to be socially mainstream. Once their little rights fight is over, they will go back to being a permanent fringe group.

Angeljuice1528d ago

Yeah it's exactly the same with regards to Blacks, Americans, Women, people from other nations, short people etc. They should all just go away and leave the world (and videogames) to tall, white, straight Englishmen like myself.

The fad of being different to me will die out eventually.

(If you can't tell there's a big heap of sarcasm going on here).

DragonKnight1528d ago

@Angeljuice: I'm this close to following you around and posting that SouthPark video I posted on one of your comments before, on every comment you make because you sound exactly the same all the time.

1528d ago
randomass1711528d ago

@PostMesmeric ^THIS!! Nintendo wanted to avoid taking a stance altogether. This is not homophobia, this is an entertainment company trying to avoid controversy.

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Display1528d ago

Congrats to Nintendo for not worshiping cultural marxism & political correctness.

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