Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare: Two Sides Of The Same Argument

With so many people quick to say that all Call of Duty games are the same and others saying that the new game will mark a huge change in the series, Skewed and Reviewed have posted an opinion piece on how the debate over the series is often two sides of the same argument.

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Garethvk1479d ago

I really do not get all the venom towards this game. It sees like they are trying to give us something a bit different and considering that nobody has played it and we will not see it until E3 it seems to early to say it will be good or bad. My take is if you follow the series you know what to expect so lets hope it has god multiplay and a story that is interesting. I did not like the BO 2 story but did not mind the one for Ghosts. That being said I found the multiplay in Ghosts to be highly frustrating. Bugs, glitches, and hackers galore.

christrules00411479d ago

At least the extinction mode isn't a complete bust. It's so fun with friends. Especially Mayday

Garethvk1479d ago

I just wish you did not have to play through the episode all st once. We got taken out on the final boss.

USMC_POLICE1479d ago

They may add stuff and change stuff but the multiplayer feels the same every game. Maps ,perks,movements ect same game. Guns are so unrealistic feeling its like halo.

Clown_Syndr0me1479d ago

I agree, but also that's what makes it COD. If they changed it too much they may as well give it a new name and call it a new IP.

USMC_POLICE1479d ago

I was with cod since cod 1. 1-4 had the cod feel after that they feel like a different game.