MONG Podcast Episode 32 - Myth Busters: Is the Sony E3 leak fact or fiction?

Is the information that supposedly "leaked" about Sony's E3 press conference real? We decided to dive into it and talk about the possibilities of them. But what do you think? Are any of them real?

This week the team discussed Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, Destiny's July beta, Shaq Fu 2, Naughty Dog, and Microsoft and Sony's E3 press conferences!

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djplonker1447d ago

Unless the podcast confirms the rumours as true why ask the question if no one has the answer?

osborn20091447d ago

Because it is fun to discuss? No need to be rude.

lmcontaldi1447d ago (Edited 1447d ago )

Confirming a rumor can be as valuable as debunking a rumor -- the group makes a pretty informed decision that the rumors can't be true simply through a thought out analysis of each point.

There are solid reasons people shouldn't be treating it as a fact or even a possible fact, they explain why. Sounds like a solid basis for a 15 minute talking point in an hour long podcast.