The Future Of Unreal Tournament Revealed - New Unreal Tournament Announced & It's Official

During its UDK livestream, Epic Games has just confirmed that it is developing a new Unreal Tournament game for Windows, Linux and Mac.

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Mr-Dude1198d ago

What? No consoles? What the hell?

xX-StolenSoul-Xx1198d ago

Unreal Tournament has always been pc dominant, it may come to consoles later on. I'm excited!

Monolith1198d ago

True but I dont have a nice pc. I sure hope it does come to consoles at some point! Love me some Unreal.

Prime1571198d ago


Please do this justice, I played ut99 for well over a decade.

Alexander1Nevermind1198d ago

Im gonna channel my inner Othello and say...


pedrof931198d ago


Septic1198d ago


Its been too long...*wipes tears away*


starchild1198d ago

Wow, this is exciting. I hope it brings back the fun and competitiveness of the series' past. Can't wait.

AliTheSnake11198d ago (Edited 1198d ago )

"Unreal Tournament has always been pc dominant"
Yeah, LANs, a Decade ago. Where Console Online was not as built as it is today.

There's nothing wrong with this being on consoles.

awi59511197d ago


The unreal games never needed a beefy pc to run on ultra. I remember going to walmart and buying a nividia 4200 ultra card off the shelf for 75 dollars. And i could max unreal 2004 and half life 2 and counter strike source i was a happy kid. They were the best shooters i ever played then doom 3 came out then Battlefield 1942 then the first call of duty after that. It was so good to be a pc gamer then and i did it for cheap.

awi59511197d ago


Yeah you didnt play all the awful unreal tournament games that came out on xbox and Ps2 man the ports were so bad. It wasn't the same game at all it just had the name but the game itself was a totally different game made up from some farm out company. The only true unreal tournament game on console was Unreal tournament on Dreamcast because it was a Pc port. The rest were so bad they weren't even playable and had none of the same weapons and maps as the pc version. That also goes for the first call of duty games on consoles. The first call of duty games on consoles had a different story campaign as PC it was a totally different game made up just for consoles and they sucked hard just like the unreal console games.

UltraNova1197d ago

OT: UT3 on my ps3 was probably the most played game last time around... Love it.

Off T:
So basically we need to stop working, eating , sleeping, socializing, re-producing and prety much everything else and sit on our asses playing games 24hrs/day just to be able to play 75% of what's coming out in the next couple years...Right!

Goddamn it I m exhausted!

Kidmyst1197d ago

I hope it goes through Steam VS Origin. Steam is so much better than Origin.

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F4sterTh4nFTL1198d ago (Edited 1198d ago )

They already made that mistake with Unreal Tournament 3 and it almost killed the franchise. I have no issues with most PC games being on consoles but in the case of fast paced twitch shooters like Unreal Tournament and Quake going console is both a disservice to the PC player base as well as the console players because both gamers experience will be adversely effected. The game needs Mouse/Keyboard as much as a driving simulator needs a steering wheel. Unless everyone on console uses a mouse/keyboard there is no point in bringing it to console.

joab7771198d ago

Thats offense. Now I do agree that pc gamers should want a game that isnt made with a console in mind.

But there no reason u cant bring it to consoles. Some fps twitch shooters hav done well on!

CantCookWontWin1198d ago


Could not agree more.

Eonjay1198d ago (Edited 1198d ago )

How do consoles getting this game stop you from using a keyboard and mouse on your PC.

I don't understand the
"I can't enjoy it unless they are keep out."

And save that purist "it can only be played a certain way" garbage.

DefenderOfDoom21198d ago

to FasterThanftl If UNREAL TOURNAMENT is made on the PC first, why should be PC gamers be upset that the consoles get a watered down version of the game? Also if you watch any of the "QUAKECON tournments", you will see PC players using controllers , joysticks , and other kind of devices for the competitions> Me and my friends spent well over 200 hours playing "QUAKE 2" 4 player splitscreen "deathmatch" on PS1 [PSX}and PS2 using "playstation controllers" and we had a ball! I think everybody should be able to experience a new UNREAL TOURNAMENT game, no matter what platform or controller people use !

starchild1198d ago

By that same logic, every game should be multiplatform, including console exclusives.

AliTheSnake11198d ago

It's called aim assist. You're telling me Call of Duty isn't a fast paced game ?

Balcrist1197d ago

@Alithesnake1: Aim assist is garbage that noobs use. I play console shooters all the time and I hate it when i pop in a new game and im playing some multiplayer and i'm missing shots because aim assist fucks me over, then i turn aim assist off and i dominate.

SaturdayNightBeaver1197d ago (Edited 1197d ago )

Sure , but this site is mostly about console peasants so many won't agree cause they don't know shit about what you said. UT is a PC game and should stay like that. Console plebs have Titanfall and COD so i don't know whats the problem , are those bad games now huh peasants? We don't have Last of Us and MGS V on PC , no one even gives a shit.

KingKelloggTheWH1197d ago

You can use mouse keyboard on consoles :|

In any case I cant wait to play this beast!

dcj05241197d ago

PS4+Mouse+Keyboard=Med-low end PC.

I mean FFXIV on PC and PS4 are literally the same exact thing.

It's not 2007 when console online gaming was primitive.

awi59511197d ago (Edited 1197d ago )


No Unreal 3 was not a unreal tournament game Unreal 2004 wipes its a$$ with that travesty of a game dont compare the two at all. I played 3 and it was total crap it only took me 1 day to decide it was crap and i sold it.

Unreal 3 was consolized pure and simple. All the console unreal games always sucked except for the dreamcast version of unreal tournament now that was a actual unreal game because it was a PC port. The ones that came out for xbox and ps2, those was total crap and a joke it was a totally different game with non of the same maps as PC.

For example my friends told me to buy unreal 2004 on console so they could play with me because they saw how awesome the PC version was. Well i bought unreal on xbox bought a 16 player link cable hub we hooked up all the xboxes and started to play what we saw was some totally diffrent game with a thrown in story mode and tiny tiny maps that were made up for the consoles.It had none of the game types and all the great and fun weapons and maps that was on the pc version wasn't there. So we all yelled what the hell is this it's not even the same game not at all and we took it back to the store.

Prototype_79L1197d ago

Your arguement is invalid since Ut on consoles natively supported usb mouse and usb keyboard. It is up to the developers which accessory they support

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listenkids1198d ago

It's for the best. A shame we won't see it for some time though.

shallowpoint1198d ago

Not cool! All this free to play is scary as well:-(

markoghc1198d ago

It's supposedly going to be free, not f2p with microtransactions.

allgamespc20121198d ago

its gonna have a marketplace and use the valve dota 2 model, which is th ebest model in the industry

GameSpawn1197d ago

Having played the previous UT's, this becoming FTP and living off user created content is no surprise.

With online becoming more ubiquitous, Unreal Tournament has become less dependent on bots and single player campaigns and more dependent on online multiplayer.

I wouldn't be surprised if UT4 had zero single player/bot campaign play (short of tutorials for each mode) and you only could play it online with other people. There is nothing wrong with this, but offline bots are good coffee breaks for the times when it is difficult to find good games online.

UT2K3 was the most memorable for me. I played the living crap out of that game. I had the most fun with the low grav and quad jump mods (scored hundreds of kills with the flak cannon by dropping "canisters", the flak cannon alt fire, from high in the air).

Raf1k11198d ago

Gives me reason to upgrade my PC :)

pwnsause_returns1198d ago (Edited 1198d ago )

thats fine with me. let em focus on PC first. At least we know the franchise is back!