The Eyes Have It: Eye Tracking as a Game Changer for Developers and Consumer Brands

Gamesauce says: "Based in Sweden, Tobii Technology is a global leader in eye tracking. The company develops innovative eye-tracking products and solutions for analysis and research purposes, assistive technology uses, and consumer applications (including computers, gaming, and vehicles). Oscar Werner, Tobii’s president of OEM Solutions, talks about how to use eye-tracking in games."

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kingdip901561d ago

So if I have to look away from my game for a second or rub my eyes my in game character could pull a funny? Not for me sorry...

Grimhammer001560d ago

No....more like when you watch a video online. You used to be able to fast forward ads. Those days are over already. But now with this tech...they can pause the ad when you look away. Great /s