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In this review, Matt from Gamers Sphere details what he loves about this terrifying but incredibly well produced experience.

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Clown_Syndr0me1531d ago

Havent read the review and wont read any of the comments in fear of spoilers, but I started this last night, about 30 mins in and already think its even creepier than the first.

I got too tense in the end and turned it off, its one of those games I prefer to play in small doses lol!

FogLight1531d ago (Edited 1531d ago )

I have seen vids... It is creepier than the main game in my opinion, and the writing was kind of better too!

You could say that Whistleblower, in a way, is better than the main game. Surprising, I know and I am glad that it is :3

Josh1011531d ago

That is awesome to hear. I bought the day it released, even though I haven't finished the main campaign. Also, because, I play this game in small doses. I play at night, with all the lights off and the t.v. on blast. The GF and I screamed our asses off playing the main campaign. I can't wait to play this.

FogLight1531d ago

I already spoiled myself the DLC and I plan to buy it since Red Barrels made a great DLC that made me want to try complete Outlast once and for all, and I will do it soon I hope.

Really odd that a DLC makes me want to complete a game that I am terrified from...

boyscout2991531d ago

I definitely agree with all the replies here. The DLC is freakier and much more disgusting than the original Outlast, and playing through 3 hours in two sittings for the review was terrifying! D: I played the original Outlast in small doses too haha.

Clown_Syndr0me1531d ago

I just finished it, damn that was good. I almost predicted the ending though, a couple of hints along the way.
But now Im left dying for more...I feel as though there could be more stories to tell at Mount Massive..

Zefros1531d ago

trust me the dlc is great! the end "boss" is epic but crazy scary.

FogLight1531d ago

I thought the DLC's ending was much better than the one of the main game. Red Barrels kept their promise and made a great DLC that improved the main game in terms of the story's narrative, and the creepy atmosphere.

boyscout2991531d ago

I was glad they fleshed out parts of the story, including why there are no women to be found in the game (workers or patients). That bugged me so much in the game since there were no real reasons why. Glad they fixed it here :)

tigertron1531d ago

So this is scarier than the main game? is that even possible? 0.o

FogLight1531d ago

Trust me, I have no idea....

boyscout2991531d ago

Yes it is, and I have no idea how. But it is D:

Blackcanary1531d ago

I haven't even finished the main game I'm to scared to. If it was like Fatel Frame then i think i could complete it but this game is to much for me.