H1Z1 Will Feature Buildable Structures, Heat-Seeking Zombies And Crafting In Early Access [VIDEO] - "Though not quite as exciting as actual gameplay footage, those anxious for new information on H1Z1 will be happy to hear that a handful of new details were unearthed by the five hosts of Podcast Zero, an all-things-H1Z1 video podcast from a number of popular personalities. This week, the Podcast Zero hosts were joined by H1Z1 developer Adam Clegg, one of several members of the H1Z1 team that habe popped up on various streams over the last few weeks."

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XiSasukeUchiha1448d ago

Damn H1Z1 seems so good, and it's getting better, and better than Day Z

Knightshade1448d ago

Is that such a high bar to jump? I do agree that it looks good though.

hellzsupernova1448d ago

exactly when aiming for such a low target beating it is not difficult. Cannot wait for early access on my pc should be good (hopefully)

MysticStrummer1448d ago

I hope the PS4 version doesn't take too long. Hopefully all the time they've spent porting Planetside 2 will speed up the process. I'd hate to get a "H1Z1 on PS4!" confirmation and video at E3, and then still be waiting for it this time next year.

super_lazy1448d ago

That remains one of my biggest concerns as well. SOE seemed certain that PlanetSide 2 would be ready for PS4 at launch and we haven't even been given a timeline for its debut yet. The fact that the studio is already floating the idea of H1Z1 on PS4 during its live streams is definitely concerning.

Yaay4me1448d ago

Its getting interesting. Heat seeking zombies would insure lots of encounters at night /: muhahahaha

TheRocksStrudle1448d ago

The great one approves of H1Z1

GeofferyPeterson1448d ago

All Hail the Great Rock Strudle!!!

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