PS4 Sales Will Skyrocket After Sony's Best-Ever E3 Presentation

If the leaked details concerning Sony's E3 2014 show are accurate, it will be dominating performance and PS4 sales should spike quickly.

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XiSasukeUchiha1504d ago (Edited 1504d ago )

Depends on the E3 presentation and how it's was !

Mikelarry1504d ago

Exactly as much as i want sony to bring thier biggest guns my hype level is on check till we actually see what they present

CocoWolfie1504d ago

have you seen how much e3 news and rumors have come out? like its crazy, we're gonna have to wait and see but i have a really good feeling :3

joab7771504d ago (Edited 1504d ago )

Imagine a Last of Us 2 & Uncharted 4 trailers. Then comes Destiny, and a God of War reveal. Then Media Molecule blows our minds w/ something amazing. Then we get a VR demo, and A Last Guardian reveal.

Then we see H1Z1 and P lanetside 2, along with Everquest Next.

Then they show us Playstation Now and Morpheus. At the end, we see a Vita bundle thats irresistable. Ultimately, its b/c the new price is $!

MysticStrummer1504d ago (Edited 1504d ago )

Depends on the presentation for sure, but for an immediate sales spike part of that presentation has to be an announcement that certain anticipated features or games are available as of that day, week, or month. I'm sure they'll show new games and they'll be visually impressive, but those games most likely won't be available soon enough to spark an immediate sales spike.

Edit - Not one that will "skyrocket" is what I mean...

For myself, an announcement that Planetside 2 was immediately available on PS4, even as an open beta, would make me buy a PS4 asap.

miyamoto1504d ago

The only way PS4 sales will skyrocket is when Sony finally can meet the demand of the gaming public for PS4s out in the retail stores.
Sony really need some help in getting them PS4 out from the factory to shelves because the moment they arrive their ninja vanish instantly.

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Garethvk1504d ago

The trick for them is dealing with the success of last year. They revealed the look of the system and the $399.99 price which were both hits as were the features and lack of restrictions. So how do you beat that with titles? You will need some amazing titles, perhaps new hardware, and some big features that are coming. I am sure the VR headset may play into it as well.

ScareFactor1504d ago

I think Sony will some some great games, but the presentation as a whole will be disappointing. They will talk about PS Now and VR and future updates and features. They stated that it will not be what fans have come to expect (can't find article or quote probably got deleted). I will buy another PS4 if they show something that I want. (gave my PS4 to my cousin as a present)

MysticStrummer1504d ago

"They stated that it will not be what fans have come to expect (can't find article or quote probably got deleted)"

It seems to have been deleted from the internet entirely.

MasterCornholio1504d ago

"can't find article or quote probably got deleted)"

Because its a lie.


Try harder next time.

BitbyDeath1504d ago

Project Morpheus in effect slipping everyone the blue pill

BlakHavoc1504d ago

This list is solid as hell. If true I may just have to record it and watch their presentation over and over. HS2 has been long overdue imo, it was extremely underrated and deserved a sequel long ago. Also I'm intrigued by the 3 titles from Sony Japan, hopefully one of them is a new jrpg or Legend of Dragoon remake!

TimeSkipLuffy1504d ago (Edited 1504d ago )

don't care about PS Now or VR or games that already have been announced and been worked on. I want to know about future exclusive games that will be released. I want to know the future of the PS4. I might be strict but Sony should hold on to what made the PS1/PS2 the best consoles ever. A flow of great exclusive games! The competition may not be that fierce but with fierce competition you need to step up and stay above the competition somewhere nobody can reach you.

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