First Hands-On Video With Sony's Project Morpheus for PS4

"Sony has released their first hands-on video with the Project Morpheus VR headset for the PS4."

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gamedebater1474d ago

Sony putting them lightbulbs to use!

randomass1711473d ago

The ones in the device or the ones above their heads? ;)

Rimgal1474d ago

This technology is the next evolution of porn. fingers crossed.

URNightmare1474d ago

I can't believe you have a disagree.

randomass1711473d ago

New innovations in gaming pleasure lol.

Cryptcuzz1474d ago

It would be cool if they created an exact replica of say...Disney World and let people explore it as if they were there.

One could experience anything from enjoying the rides, to going sight seeing as if they were actually there in person. Depends on how the devs (whoever that may be) would pull it off, it could be huge.

Then if one chooses to go online with it, the actual people walking around in the virtual Disney World would be actual real life people that you can talk and interact with as if it was the real thing.

MasterCornholio1474d ago

Sim theme park with Morpheus?

Yes please.

Cryptcuzz1474d ago

Actually yeah, but infinitely better, because of the added immersion VR brings to almost any application.

randomass1711473d ago

At that point, why even go to the actual park? :P Jokes aside, that's a super cool idea. I bet any family would enjoy it, provided VR helmets are cheap enough to be purchased in two-to-four packs.

UnceasingElias1474d ago

I can see how vr would make rpg games more fun because of the exploring. Other wise It's hard for me to beleave how vr can make games more fun (fun gameplay). Please explain to me if you know how to convince me (I'm a nintendo fan).

Cryptcuzz1474d ago

Wouldn't it be cool to play say for example...Fire Emblem and overlooking the battlefield while directing the battle as if you were a playing Chess in real life?

What about a Pokemon game in VR? It would be cool to be in the game and seeing it from your point of view as if you were there. Imagine slowly creeping up behind a bush and upon seeing pass the bush is a Pokemon ready to be caught unsuspectingly.

UnceasingElias1474d ago

It would be cool but would it accually make the game more fun. You can say the same about storylines in games. They don't make a game more fun but it's a nice addition. Making this more visualy more ipressive is a good addition to movies because movies is all about the visual experience. Games are about entertainment and that's why I don't like vr. First person rpg and racing games could be awesome fun with vr but with mario, zelda it doesn't fit.

randomass1711473d ago

First person shooter games with VR helmets would be absolutely sick. And first person horror games? Done.

Dir_en_grey1474d ago

If you ever played a racing game sitting inside a cockpit, imagine how awesome this would be. This is something that head tracking can not do because traditional head tracking limits your viewing angle to when you can't see your screen anymore.
This, you can look anywhere just like driving a real car, not just rare and side mirrors but actually outside of the window and at the angle you want to whenever you want to.

And that is just one example for racing games. The potential is limitless just the fact that you now basically have control of a 3rd analog stick that is dedicated for your sight and more accurate than traditional means of controlling sight.

Legendary-Status1474d ago (Edited 1474d ago )

Lol you just putting on the VR and Headphones negates you from where ever you are..rather than playing a game like you usaully do and seeing or being distracted by anybody in the normal realm your thrown into the game no distractions purly liven the game as if you where way out the game unless you win the game..well I lied about the last part lol haha..

sprinterboy1474d ago

Exploring mars and a visit to the planets, can see documentaries taking off with this, plus car games, imagine playing uncharted 6 on ps5 with vr, looking fwd to games like alien isolation, deadspace plus unique indie titles with creative minds, maybe the future of TV is a front row seat at a music concert or pay per view being at a world cup match, that's where I see it heading, £30 for ringside seat at mayweather fight.

BABY-JEDI1474d ago

Not far from virtual movies. Being there within the environment watching your fav movie. Potential is massive.

Dir_en_grey1474d ago

I wish they would add martian/alien easter eggs in that mars exploring game, it would be so awesome.

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