PlayStation Store Top Sellers: April 2014

By Justin Massongill: "Have you played Trials Fusion? Statistically speaking, if you’re a PS4 owner chances are good. It’s a ridiculous game that I couldn’t put down for a week after starting it, so it’s good to see it sitting atop the PS4 list this month"

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isthe1409d ago

dang all these games look AMAZING

system221409d ago

Infamous had a short run at the top it seems.

aceitman1409d ago

What r u talking about iss came out 7 weeks ago and it's at number 4 . That's good for a full priced game going against 10-20. $games.

system221409d ago (Edited 1409d ago )

For all the hype and dazzle it should still be number one. Titanfall came out before infamous and it's the number one selling game out of both consoles so yeah.... It seems short lived to me as a must have exclusive or "system seller"

Kingthrash3601409d ago (Edited 1409d ago )

tf is a fps game, a kid friendly overrated, overhyped fps game at that. of corse its #1 on consoles that have NO GAMES in the immediate future also came free on x1 and launched on 360...whats next for 360??? x1??? nothing much..ps4 has mlb the show free ps+ games a plethora of cheap indies and many dont think infamous is their kind of game. its more complicated than a fps..4th place? i'd say it sold well, given the circumstances.

aceitman1409d ago (Edited 1409d ago )

king ur right and also infamous with digital copies sold 1.5 million on its own , unlike X1 titanfall I wonder if it sold close to a million on its own cause the numbers we see are with bundles and sold to customers mixed , I wish someone came out with the numbers on how many copies X1 titanfall sold on its own and how many where free. u know its not a big number cause ms would have came out and said it. like they used to throw those numbers out in the past but we don't here much of that from them anymore.

rivencleft1409d ago

Still haven't tried Trials Fusion yet, think I may need to pick that up, seems like a fun game to play locally, can see myself angering the hell out of my girlfriend with it.