Eve Online Permanently Bans Players For Vandalizing A Monument In Iceland

CCP Games permanently banned three players for vandalizing the Reykjavik, Iceland, monument commemorating players of Eve Online, according to a post on the game's forums from community manager "CCP Falcon."

The monument, which was revealed over a week ago before festivities kicked off for Eve Fanfest 2014, was vandalized shortly after the expo ended. A sticker bearing the insignia of one of Eve Online's in-game factions, the Goonswarm, was placed on the monument's face and one player bragged about having scratched out the name of another player.

In his post, CCP Falcon stated that Eve Online community members helped track down those responsible for the vandalism, including players complicit with the vandalism and members of the vandals' alliances. Falcon called the monument's defacing an insult to the entire Eve Online community, and said CCP Games will "continue to operate a zero tolerance approach to dealing with harassment and victimization in the Eve Universe."

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Neonridr1502d ago

Some people have to ruin the fun for everyone.

randomass1711501d ago

Some people just want to watch the world burn. :/

Muffins12231501d ago

Wow I am from Iceland,very disappointed.

ab5olut10n1501d ago

And here I thought harassment and victimization were key concepts in Eve

cyguration1501d ago ShowReplies(2)
joab7771501d ago

It is...but at some point, some ppl just cant tell the difference. I guarantee u those who did it thought many would b proud of them.

It very competitive and I think diff factions actually haye eachb other. But as a community u hav to come together for something like this.

I would rather haunted an article about the actual commemoration. Eve is t ruely a spectacular game b/c of c cp and the community, in spite of their passion.

Perjoss1501d ago

"in Eve"

It's important to remain focused, real life is totally separate from video games. Otherwise who knows what those crazy CoD folks would get up to outside of their digital hunting grounds.

memots1501d ago

They call real swat team on each other

DethWish1501d ago

There's a big difference between the game and the real world :)

cyguration1501d ago

Not for some people, obviously.

DethWish1501d ago

Which is why he was banned :P Rightfully so.

randomass1711501d ago

And some jerks just can't tell the difference. Shmuck.

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