10 Wishes Every Gamer Wants

CCC Says: "I have a birthday coming up, so I am going to give you all a set of ten of my fervent wishes for video games. Maybe, just maybe, someone who can make them happen will be reading and make things better--not just for me, but for all the gamers out there who might feel the same way. I’ve been around a while and would love to hear your gaming wishes as well, so feel free to post comments on this one and air out what you wish would happen in video games. It can be a game you wish they would bring back, or it can be a title that you think would make a great game. Whatever you post, be cool about it. I love video games. That’s why I do what I do, and I would honestly love to hear what you all have to say as well. Now, let’s get crackin’ on my top gaming wishes."

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ZodTheRipper1506d ago

I'm not a native english speaker but shouldn't it be "10 wishes every gamer has"?
Also, 1 extra page for every wish, not clicking through that.

SegaGamer1505d ago

My wishes are.

1 - SEGA to return to their best.
2 - One console per generation so we don't miss out on exclusives ( and it kills off console fanboys )
3 - Shenmue 3
4 - Phantasy Star Online 2 release.