Steam Needs to be More Discriminating

CCC Says: "Over the last few years, as I've accepted the digital download future, I've come to rely on Steam. It isn't just because the digital distribution platform is reliable, constantly there as a backup in case a computer died. The attractive summer and winter sales, with their ridiculously low prices, helped build the bond as well. But what really made Steam my one-stop-shop was the quality control."

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DaleCooper1508d ago

Great article, I agree with it. The games need a better vetting process.

Retail stores have limited shelf space so the stores make sure to pick the best products to line the shelves. Since Steam's digital, there's unlimited "shelf space" but Steam should be more selective in what makes it to their virtual shelves. Especially with the recent refunds they've had to give out for certain games that were broken or lied about their product features. Those products wouldn't make it into retail stores, why should they be in a digital store?