Is Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Too Cynical?

NowGamer: "We consider the extent to which the cynicism around Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare is justified, asking whether the series cares about its own themes."

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TimmyShire1529d ago

Interesting really. Most think it's just the yearly cycle that makes it cynical, never really thought about the topics it uses in each game to be cynical either.

randomass1711529d ago

This new one seems to have a large political theme to it. Seems to poke at real world politics. Interesting to say the least.

Josh1011529d ago

Nowgamer shouldn't even be considered a reputable game site. They are terrible at reviews and have clickbait articles. For example, in their Killzone Mercenary review, the reviewer actually complained about the main characters NAME for christ sakes. After getting lambasted in the comment sections of their reviews, they got rid of the comment section. Soo no-one could voice their opinions.

Chapter111529d ago

Cynical? Call of Duty has glorified war for at least five years now.

iDadio1529d ago

Not to mention glorifying cigars.

ironfist921529d ago

I dont think the writer knows what Cynicism means.

Th3o1529d ago

It's a new engine too, IDtech 3.5. :)

lahariko1529d ago

Waiting for black ops 3