USA Software Weekly, 3rd May 2014

X360 382,534 (-4%) 489,522,967
PS3 274,617 (-0%) 311,374,108
3DS 191,157 (+67%) 41,247,025
Wii 125,959 (-4%) 442,514,069
XOne 108,252 (-6%) 8,137,563
DS 102,412 (-2%) 342,300,180
PS4 100,277 (0%) 7,105,939
WiiU 65,929 (-3%) 10,442,446
PC 36,739 (-29%) N/A
PSV 29,365 (-33%) 6,727,685
PSP 12,415 (+1%) 96,645,327


I posted software totals before. Those are the real numbers for hardware:
XOne 50,092 (-4%) 2,871,919
PS4 48,257 (-6%) 3,193,923
3DS 26,873 (-10%) 12,331,002
X360 14,492 (-16%) 42,796,431
WiiU 10,965 (-3%) 2,425,222
PS3 7,846 (-19%) 26,111,759
Wii 3,712 (-11%) 41,519,729
PSV 2,252 (-3%) 1,752,797
PSP 627 (-14%) 19,802,932

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FITgamer1260d ago (Edited 1260d ago )

This can't be right Amazing Spiderman 2(Xbox One) 14k? VGC tracks retail, and the retail version hasn't even released yet on Xbox One.

Axios21259d ago

TitanFall at #2 and #4

Still dominating

cfc781259d ago

What will you say when it's not dominating? probably nothing is my guess.

mikeslemonade1259d ago

Doesn't matter when your install base is in a 2:1 ratio hole. Install base is the #1 indicator to system success. Over time you will see which system is viable and which system isn't.

FITgamer1259d ago

@Axios2 Were you raised by Parrots?

georgeenoob1259d ago (Edited 1259d ago )

Titanfall domination. There's just no stopping it.

NewMonday1259d ago

VGChartz is a parody at this point.

when the next NPD comes the mods should finally take action, the whole gaming community knows VGCharts is fake and they continue to be an embarrassment for N4G.

modesign1259d ago

1 in 4 people bought it for xbone, 1 in 7000 baught it for 360, thats whats sad.

JMyers1259d ago (Edited 1259d ago )

@Axios 2

Never failing to mention TitanFall. Let's see if this can be kept up until Sept. I doubt it. You are unworthy of that single bubble.

@VG Chartz "update"... So Xbone is outselling PS4 in May? Give me a break. It did't do it in March, and it won't in April or May.

Let's see what the NPDs say.

Ju1259d ago (Edited 1259d ago )

Before I was rather..."Oh well, VG at least gives us a ball park number"...but now I am getting the feeling they are blatantly lying.

It was I think once or twice in it's whole lifetime that the XO managed to outsell the PS4 in the US, yet, as long as I can remember, VG tracked (at least when initially reported) XO consequently higher each week since it's release (or at least this year). According to NDP, however, the PS4 pretty much outsold the XO at a ratio 2:1 since January (US only). Something is so totally off here, it's not even funny. And even if these 2:1 could be a basis for arguments, it is quite an indication that there is no XO outselling the PS4 here. Never was. So, which one is it now. Also, track back historic weeks, and VG is in fact adjusting those numbers - however, by now, they should have adopted their reporting process to handle XO numbers more conservatively as proven, otherwise I think this is done on purpose to mislead readers.

GameSpawn1258d ago


Under "Read Full Story" there is the website name. Click the little "+". Under Story Qualtiy select "WTF?" and under Like this website select "No".

VGCharts is already 1.5/3 stars. In my opinion it should be banned. They base numbers off pure speculation and hearsay. It's just as bad as a "News" piece from a random blog.

reaperofsouls1258d ago

only coz there giving it away with the console

Magicite1258d ago

considering its drought of high quality games right now, I wouldn't call that a domination.

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cfc781259d ago (Edited 1259d ago )

Someone must of just thrown it in wouldn't be the first time VGC did that.


pandaboy1259d ago (Edited 1259d ago )

Exactly, if you every wanted proof that they pull numbers out their ass then this is it.

They continue to slyly put xb1 above ps4 in the US by around 2k every week like they did in march. I look forward to npd to yet again prove the numbers to be faked. Ideally n4g should ban this site.

Titanfall only charts from the bundles. It barely charts in the amazon top 100 hourly sellers in the UK and US even at a discount.

T21259d ago

Even worse without titanfall launch there is ZERO chance xbox is outselling ps4 in April
.. Npd will once again show that this sad little troll made vgshartz the joke it always was. Even undertrack xbox in Feb.
Downvoted, story quality wtf

majiebeast1259d ago

Wow busted. Can we now ban this site already.

Sethry1011259d ago

This site really needs to be banned, its complete rubbish.

Dannyh1259d ago

Gamestop has Spiderman 2 in stock for Xbox one

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XiSasukeUchiha1260d ago

Wait does PS4 has 7.8 million to 7.9 million not 7.1 million. This is unbelievable so don't believe it.

rainslacker1259d ago

These are just software charts, not hardware sales. VGChartz tracks the PS4 at 3.1 million hardware units sold in the US, so that's about 2.3 games per system attach rate.

They track the X1 with a 2.8 attach rate.

Seems rather odd since the PS4 is cheaper, so people could afford to buy more games for it when they pick it up as opposed to a system that is more expensive.

Also, it's VGChartz and is completely unreliable no matter which side your on. People on both sides use these numbers to have their weekly argument and spin sessions. It's about all they're good for until VGChartz updates when official numbers are released...if they bother to do so that is.

T21259d ago

Surprisingly it is sony showing healthy digital sales for games like infamous, also the many F2p titles reduces hard copies sold

xilx1259d ago

Yeah, PS+ and F2P titles have made it so I haven't had to purchase a single game for my PS4 yet (I have about 15 available to play on it after some cross-buys were added to PS4 as well). Sony may not be making any software sales from me for the PS4, but I spend a lot of money on the PS3 and Vita side. I don't need to drop $60 on a new game when my backlog is already over 250 games.

rainslacker1259d ago

Fair enough. I hadn't considered PS+ in the equation.

It's really hard to tell attach rate nowadays with digital being thrown into the mix. VGChartz doesn't track digital. Obviously, with Sony having more consoles out there, they would sell more digital with all things being equal otherwise. I think for the sake of arguments, and the fact that no one really knows digital numbers(NPD doesn't break down digital numbers), it's better to leave it out of the discussion.

Geobros1259d ago

Kirby in top of software this week!! I can't wait see it in Europe!!

wonderfulmonkeyman1259d ago

I got it myself, and it's a really awesome game.
The final stage has some REALLY awesome moments when you nab the Hyper-Nova ability.

SG1_dapunisherX1259d ago

360 software king!!!! I know ms is dumb happy about that

sic_chops1259d ago

@george ps4 domination without titanfall.

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