Nintendo World selling exclusive Mario Kart 8 Limited Edition Bundle

Mario Kart 8′s Limited Edition Bundle is coming to North America after all, albeit with a catch.

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Neonridr1501d ago

Well that's just great. While I would drop the money to buy this in a heartbeat, turns out you can only get it in store. I can't even buy it online, how stupid is that.

admiralvic1501d ago

What do you expect from Nintendo? I mean, they pretty much do their own thing regardless of how much sense to makes. One of my favorite was when people were hanging out outside of Best Buy to get the Pikachu 3DS XL only to learn BB wasn't selling it. xD

Neonridr1501d ago

lol, that would suck. It's just a shame. I know a lot of people here in NA would get that bundle in a heartbeat, but for those of us who don't live in NYC, getting to the Nintendo World store is sort of hard.

Shame, because these things will sell for a fortune on ebay.

Summons751501d ago

Yeah how dare they not support your anti-social ways! That local multiplayer option is outrageous too, inviting friends over and socializing....

Get over it, it's for their stores which there aren't a lot of them. I can't get it either without having to drive 3 hours, I want this game but not 3 hours of driving and $100 worth of gas or the trip both ways want the game.

Neonridr1501d ago

"which there aren't a lot of them"

- there is one. It's in NYC.

It's just a shame that all of Europe can get this bundle, but in NA only people in NYC can get it.

randomass1711500d ago

Incidentally my friends and I are now planning a trip to go to NYC for this event. It's a shame no one else can get the game, but what did anyone expect? USA fans haven't been getting ANY bonuses as of late.

Neonridr1500d ago

well I'm Canadian, so automatically I am $hit out of luck, lol.

for we are many1501d ago

This should've been available online. bad decision NoA.

Dchops1501d ago

I don't understand why the store doesn't have an online shop...

randomass1711500d ago

Nintendo has their own dedicated online shop. It would be kind of redundant to have two online Nintendo stores.

Dchops1500d ago

Maybe primarily for hardware, but what about merchandise? Yes there is Club Nintendo, but that is only a rewards program.

Applejack1501d ago

So you're telling that the one of the biggest games of the ENTIRE year for the Wii U is getting an awesome bundle that could potentially sell a huge amount of consoles is only available in one store in one state? Not smart Nintendo...

randomass1711500d ago

They already have a game + console bundle though. This is just the game plus a plastic trophy.

nesiguess1500d ago

And let the scalping and insane prices start to show up on ebay......sigh...

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