Why You'll Pelt The Last of Us Remastered With Money

Josh of GeeksPodcast runs down the list of reasons you'll absolutely shell out dough to play The Last of Us again when it comes out this summer for the PS4!

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KinjoTakemura1415d ago

The game is an amazing compilation of voice acting and gameplay. No other console game I've ever played even comes close.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi1414d ago

Troy Baker has some serious talent. You'd never know he was in a game if he didn't tell you. He can alter his voice beyond recognition.

ArchangelMike1414d ago

If the insider rumours are anything to go buy TLOU2 teaser trailer will be shown at E3. The franchise has become too successful for Sony and ND to pass up on a second game. That's just good business sense, especially with the incredibly positive response to TLOU Remastered.

But yeah you forgot one more reason - the multiplayer on PS4. I know ND have not said anything about the remastered MP aspects, but it's a no brainer that the PS4 will make it the best experience, especially with the new Grounded DLC pack added.

medman1413d ago

A TLOU2 teaser at E3 would make alot of sense for Naughty Dog, especially if they showed it right after showing TLOU remastered for PS4. Gamers would literally run from their screens in delirious ectasy.

Aussiebeachbabe1414d ago

Because fanboys will buy to stop sony from going Only kidding guys. *rips 14 pitchforks from body* no being serious it will sell because its a great game made by one of the best.

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