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Liam Lambert, GIZORAMA - "Two of the biggest “trends” in gaming right now (outside of animal simulators and open world “build stuff” games) are rogue-likes and Mega Man nostalgia. I can’t exactly complain, since The Binding of Isaac is one of my favourite games of the past five years, and the happier Nintendo can make Mega Man fans, the less likely it is that the world will implode in a chaotic whirlwind of nerd rage.

Enter Echoes of Eridu, a rogue-like action platformer with Mega Man-esque music and character designs. The game has been on Kickstarter for a month now, and has almost reached its modest $20,000 goal – unsurprising, considering the nature of its concept. The idea of an action platformer with procedurally generated levels confused me at first; most platformers tend to work off the player’s ability to repeat levels when they fail them the first time, something a rogue-like could never accomplish. Thankfully, the levels in Echoes of Eridu are kept fairly short and sweet so as not to punish you too harshly for failing at a particularly difficult sequence of enemies or jumps."

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