Fallout 4? Bethesda is Looking for Playtesters; Here's How to Apply

"Bethesda has opened up applications for volunteer play testers in the Dallas/Fort Worth offices. They did not mention any games, but could this be for Fallout 4?"

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Kal8531355d ago

Oh, Bethesda. So close to an official announcement, yet still you tease us.

TacticAce1354d ago

Who exactly is asking because it could be for ESO ps4 as I heard that was delayed so it could be to playtest that for bugs. Bethesda Game Studios Usually Have their own Staff to Playtest their games. People need to understand that the makers of Skyrim Fallout 3 etc is Bethesda Game Studios. And they need to stop tagging "Bethesda" with "Bethesda Game Studios". Wolfenstein can be considered a "Bethesda" Game but is not made by the developers of Skyrim.

ZodTheRipper1354d ago

Yep, pretty dumb to jump to such kind of conclusions by a play test program be more precise, I don't think I would hire playtesters before I've even announced the game they are testing. This stuff is done in the months before release.

TacticAce1354d ago

Yeah I predict We wont hear about fallout 4 until next year, I doubt Bethesda will compete with itself with the releases of ESO, Wolfenstein and The Evil Within in the near future. We will possibly get an announcement at the most this year but I even doubt that. When talking about a company like Bethesda more time can increase the quality substantially. They tend to add more content with more time.

barb_wire1355d ago

Probably Doom 4 related, i.d have offices in Richardson.

porkChop1355d ago

Yeah this likely has nothing to do with Fallout 4.

Shnooze1355d ago

Sorry, probably never going to see a Fallout 4.

rivencleft1355d ago

Just curious as to why you think that is? Just trying to see if you know something about it that I don't, hopefully that's not the case because I'd love to get my hands on any new Fallout game, especially if it's as great as Fallout 3 was (in my opinion) didn't care too much for New Vegas only because I couldn't get past all the glitches, it seemed every 20 mins my PS3 was freezing and that was the only game I ever had that issue with, those glitches ruined that experience for me sadly, still played about 80 hours of it, having to restart the game constantly.

Shnooze1355d ago

I have to agree New Vegas was slightly meh, the glitches really killed it for anyone who isn't a pc player. There's an unofficial patch on the FalloutNV Nexus website that practically makes it a flawless experience, even removing invisible walls. Anyways, back to the original topic. I think we PROBABLY won't see a fallout 4 because of the response we've seen from Bethesda and Zenimax so far on all of the cries for information on whether or not it's going to happen. Even throughout that website hoax Bethesda remained rather stern with it all. It's a shame because like anyone else I really want another fallout, but sadly it just doesn't look like it. I prefer not to keep my hopes up, and in turn if it ever does, I'll be more happy.

BlackTar1871355d ago (Edited 1355d ago )

I found New Vegas to be the better of the two. I found the story and pacing in New Vegas to be better then Fallout 3 so that put it above for me.

i only had ps3 problems on the final mission. Gave up on a platinum cause i couldn't get the final mission to ever play through more then the first time.

Both Great

As for it not happening i couldn't disagree more. The game has a huge fanbase and people waiting for it. Fallout is a game that isn't restricted like say Last of us in that it can go on forever. To not release a new fallout would make zero sense imo.

yellowgerbil1355d ago

there is absolutely NO way that wee WON'T see a fallout 4.
do you know how much money and effort they have spent on the IP, hell years of legal battles alone is proof enough that they will be making future games.

ZodTheRipper1354d ago (Edited 1354d ago )

And don't forget the truckloads of money that are to be made with that game ....Bethesda ain't that stupid yo. Massive games like these just take a bit more time.

Mr Tretton1354d ago

Bethesda bought the rights to produce 3 Fallout games. I have full confidence that Fallout 4 is what Bethesda is working on as we speak.

CBOAT1355d ago

Hits? Game site is looking for them in this article; Here's how to tell.

rivencleft1355d ago

That would be AWESOME! Hopefully it's Fallout 4, my most highly anticipated game for next-gen, excited about a lot of other games but this one takes the cake, come on E3, hope to see something about it.

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