Blog: Nintendo's Tomodachi Life Gay Marriage Controversy Angers Fans

Allowing same-sex relationships in a sim game is not social commentary Nintendo, it's doing the right thing.

Loveable Mario creators Nintendo aren't usually the company to court controversy, but by not allowing gay marriage in their upcoming barmy life sim Tomodachi Life they've whipped the internet into a frenzy.

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DanielGearSolid1506d ago

I hope Nintendo stands pat on this one...

The vocal LGBT think they can whine and get anything they want...

Not how life works

-Foxtrot1506d ago

Whine? Think they can get anything they want? LOL

If that's the case I think the LGBT community would of stopped fighting for equal rights years ago.

Jesus Christ, all people want is equality, to be treat like any other human being, what's so wrong about that. It's not going to kill them to add the option and it's not going to ruin the game if they do so I don't see the problem. Yeah it's such a small issue but it's the attitude toward it and how it's being handled which annoys me.

If you start and act like things like this don't matter then LGBT community will never be fully accepted. I mean we have wars, rape, murder, corrupt governments and yet people still can't get over gay and lesbians because of the way they want to live their life. How can something like that bother people so much....because it's not "gods" will or some other bullshit.

They talk about a keeping a "family friendly" image but what exactly about the LGBT community makes it not family friendly, people make it out like it's going to "corrupt" young minds of something, is that what they are afraid of?

name1504d ago

It's become a counter culture of majority victimhood. Anything that gives others what they have is considered tyranny and anything that sustains inequality is just "the way it is".

iamnsuperman1504d ago (Edited 1504d ago )

I am generally disgusted by some of the user's response to this. All the LGBT want is equality. Nintendo has made a game that is meant to be a little bit "silly" like get married but that really isn't the issue. It's Nintendo's response about how they don't want to be making social commentary by adding a gay marriage option in. That is appalling because that highlights that the LGBT doesn't have equality at all. It shouldn't be about that. It should have a logical addition to a game of this nature. If they turned round and apologised for the lack of option it would have been okay. But Nintendo's response has been appalling to the issue

It isn't like the LGBT community want all games to have an option to be gay (some games are telling a story and that doesn't work) but this game isn't (far from it, it actually fits with this game). It is abackward family thinking from a company who prides itself on a family friendly image.

DCfan1504d ago

You've been ranting for like i dunno, too long?
You want people to accept and respect what you think while you call their thoughts and beliefs "Bullshit".
Nice way of forcing your bullshit on people.

b_one1504d ago

LGBTQ now... all that propaganda and money grab for various foundations...

DryBoneKoopa851506d ago

I'm not upset by this. I understand why Nintendo is not allowing it. A lot of games don't tackle same sex marriage. I don't know why all of a sudden its a HUGE problem that Nintendo is not allowing it in this tittle.

This is a game aimed more at children then adults. The people that are complaining need to get a grasp on reality and understand that not everything is catered to just their needs. This is a tittle for everyone, primarily aimed at children.

iamnsuperman1504d ago (Edited 1504d ago )

Surely being aimed at children means it is more important. Children learn a lot about society through games and other mediums. The fact they can't marry to same sex Miis speaks volume to them about what is seen as normal. The fact you mention this is a kids game should make this a bigger issue. For a game of this genre (think about it, hey even the sims have be doing same sex stuff for years) to not include a same sex option is a bit ridiculous in it self

rextraordinaire1504d ago

That rings true.

Many, many times in childhood I was wondering why Mario didn't save a prince instead of princess. I would've like him to save a prince, that's what I knew back then felt right for me.

And I felt, like you said, not normal because of this. I had no, single, gay character to identify with in the media I was given to enjoy.

Being able to identify with your toys can mean the world to a kid, and Nintendo is one company that has a huge effect of a children life.

Beetey1506d ago

I'm getting really tired of hearing about this. There are tons of games that don't include same-sex relationships, why is everyone calling this one out?

DarkBlood1506d ago

Because its a game touted as a relationship game or something like based around that idea compared to mass effect where its not necessary to get through?

I have no idea really

thehobbyist1504d ago (Edited 1504d ago )

You can't even have relationships in Animal Crossing. Yet I don't hear anyone bitching about that.

Mr Marvel1504d ago (Edited 1504d ago )

Who cares?
Not everything has to cater to the minority.

Having gay relationships in a game played by kids will no doubt anger more parents than it will upset gays.

InMyOpinion1504d ago

Yeah, their kids might turn gay from playing it...*sigh*

Moncole1504d ago (Edited 1504d ago )

NOA said they would patch it in if they could but they can't and said the sequel will have gay marriage.

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